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    Hiya every one, Im a 22 year old Babyfur From Vancouver canada well surrey but close enough to vancouver that has been around the ABDL community a long time but has been more of a lurker the last few years or so because of a busy life where I work my self to hard. I normaly dont make long posts since Im just a little lazy and will generaly only post on topics that spark my interest for what ever reason that may be AKA Im no longer a post whore as I once was way way back in my younger years. I am Bi and have a Loving boyfriend who is amazing and takes care of both my little side and my grown up sides of me.

    Out side of being an AB I have a few hobbys and am In to a few sports. I Love to build things and this normaly ends up meaning Im building computers that well I through way to much money at and have alot of fun with. As well Im a PC gamer and play older console games. being the crazy computer builder that I am I atleast use my computer for what It was made for. I also love watch SCI FI stuff well hanging out with my BF. I also love listening to music, I listen to alot of different music just most rap I wont listen to, just dont like it. I have been In to freeride and DH mountain biking since I was about 13 and Live around some of the worlds best mountain biking and am happy that I grow up here or I would have never found this sport and been able to enjoy some thing so much and help change myself for the better through learning how to challenge my self. I am also In to cars, working on them and driving them and just talking about them or even looking at them, I love it all, I work in the auto parts industry and love it other then the fact that I see way to much nice stuff and spend more then I should on it XD. This year I got in to drag racing since my work has free passes to the street legal drags in my area. next year me and one of the owners sons are supposed to be racing head to head witch Im going to be ready for as long as he does not use NOS like hes been thinking of. I also want to get in to Track and autocross racing since that is what my car is made for and I love flying around corners. Im hoping to get my suspention setup this winter and ready for some AutoX racing and then I just need to see If I can get in to it and what saftey stuff my car needs to meet

    Now to explain my ABDL side a little bit. My AB side has a few different ages depending on what mood im in but I am more of a toddler or young child most of the time that still needs diapers. I have my loving BF to love and cuddle me all that my little side needs. I love cuddling my teddy bears and cuddling with people. I love when my padding crinkles and I waddle around. I also love watching kids movings well relaxing and cubbing out. for some reason I really cant think of what to put here so Im just going to leave it at that and people can find out about my interests as I post or as they deside to chat with me.

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    Hey, that was a great intro, well done!

    What sort of gaming do you do then?

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