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Thread: what beer are you drinking?

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    Default what beer are you drinking?

    so lets hear it, what beer are you enjoying right now?

    Alaskan Winter for me. its a bit of a spruce beer

    also had blackbutte xxii and bourbon fred ftw tonight, very awesome

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    Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale I never had it before it is really yummy

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    well, not drinking right now, but my summer beer is Corona, winter beer is usually Kilkenny (i call it Guniess light). Also enjoy Rickards.

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    Molson's XXX, but I usually only have one bottle per day. The old stomach ulcer doesn't appreciate alcohol as much as the rest of me does. And good for you Kaworu!

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    Eww, I had some Molson XXX a while ago, I didn't like it, but I don't know how old it was.

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    I had dos equis amber lager last night, nothing today though.... possibly some blue moon I got in my fridge if I end up hanging out with my buds

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    goose island christmas ale from last year surprisingly still hoppy for having been in the bottle for a bit over a year.

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    Had my last Sam Adams Oktoberfest tonight. Might go with the Yuengling Black and Tan next. Or drive down to the liquor store and randomly pick a 6 pack.

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