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Thread: Quitting smoking... ARGH!!!!

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    Default Quitting smoking... ARGH!!!!

    So, as I sit here and haul on a cigarette, I am beating myself down because I am supposed to give up smoking. I once quit for two and half years... cold turkey, at that! Not sure why it's so hard to quit now (although I do know why I began again)!
    Are any of you here trying to quit? If so, I feel your pain! lol
    Have any of you quit with success stories to share? I'm sure we wannabe quitters will appreciate your stories!
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    I quit smoking pot, not a fun thing to do. Anyway, I never really was addicted, so I didn't have a problem quitting. Hope it all goes well.

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    Alright, now i cant say i have quit smoking but i would say i have quit many things equally as bad or possibly worse... and thats heavy medication, so from my experience of breaking addiction and fighting through heavy withdrawl... Heres my advice.

    Acccountabilibuddy: My mom was always there to pull me away during the hard times and shakes and bad decisions but your best bestist best thing you can do is have a responsibile person support you every step of the way.

    Absolute motivation: You have to hold your resolve to your heart.

    Absolute timing: You need to time that motivation, make the jump when the urge is strongest, and kick everything into gear, timing is half the battle, then keeping up that steam is the other half.

    Kicking the excuses aside: Your mind wants to play tricks, make you think your having a bad day or a tough time to try to justify to try and take alittle more of that addiction... DONT LET IT, go reach out, change scenario.... move to a different room... call a friend... turn on the tv, watch something else.

    Take time to avoid areas that remind you of the drug: If you did it heavily in that area... for me i took my meds in the kitchen next to the fridge... stay the fuck away from there it will mess with your mind, or be direct and pass through the area if you cant avoid it.

    Make a chart discribing your progression and keep a written notice, make sure to reward your self for good behavior even if your a big girl ^.~ Quittings a good thing not a bad thing.

    And finally: ENJOY LIFE, life is your friend, even in the worst of times remember the things that bring you pleasure and u can fight it!

    Anyhoo if your short on accountabilibuddies PM me and i would be glad to offer my msn and support you anytime i can.

    Hopeful wishes


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    Thank you both, and thank you Chiharu for very sound advice... and you're absolutely right. Life is to be enjoyed! I figure I can enjoy it better if I can breathe easier! Kind of hard to avoid where I smoke (break area at work, right here where my computer is, on my front porch... jsut about everywhere, actually). But, the rest of the methods seem attainable. :-)

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    I quit smoking for just under two years. I used champex to do so.... because I didn't have the balls to do it myself. I started back... and have now been smoking again for about a year and a half.

    I don't like saying I'm "quitting." Or I "quit." Take it a day at a time. Keep busy.... if you don't smoke that day, great! One down... if you have one the next day... that's still x amount less than before! I was a pack a day smoker, and the last month or so there's days I don't have one... there's some days I smoke about a quarter of a pack... others I smoke only a couple. I do believe I'll stop all together eventually...

    So I guess the best advice I have is KEEP BUSY! Take your mind off of it. The most I smoke is when I'm at home... alone... and bored. Go buy some candy, or say to yourself "if I smoke a pack a day, that's 4 packs, that's 40 dollars... with that I can buy that awesome new pair of shoes!" And when you don't buy those 4 packs... set the money aside... when you have enough, indulge in something you've wanted! I'm doing the best now than I ever have (on my own, that is).... And another thing that's helped is always making sure I have cigarettes around. If I don't have any and spend my money elsewhere the excuse I seem to find in my head is "Well... I have no money, when I have money I can have some!" and as soon as I get cash, usually payday, I go buy a pack and smoke like it's goin' outta style. Doing that also gives you the ability to say I DON'T want one! I have them, and I'm choosing not too! One more piece of advice.... Keep yourself accountable. Tell your friends, your family, co-workers, anything so that people ask how you're doing. I'm a big people pleaser... always have been, so when someone asks how many I've smoked and I give them a high number... I can feel the disappointment and it makes me feel crappy! But when I get those high-fives, compliments and smiles... I love it. It makes me feel good.

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    Oh wow, what good timing! I'm doing my best to quit right now as well.

    I've cut down dramatically over the past few months, although the past few weeks I've spiralled out of control again. On the plus side there's a big group of us at work all quitting, I think 5 or 6 in total. Tonight we all had our 'last-ish' cigarette together.

    We can totally work on this together if you want?

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    Absolutely, I`d love to work on this together... they say the more people you do this with, the more likely you are to quit!
    Thank you so much, everyone, for the great advice. I bought two packs last night and have already gone through half of one. I`m thinking of trying to quit Monday morning while I still have some left, because it so true that if you have none, you`ll cave and smoke like a fish.

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    Totally, I always have a few on me, and then if I gave I'll just have the one. Or even one puff, if I really really need one (and I work with drunken idiots so sometimes I do!) I'll try to just smoke half or less! Better than waiting till I finish work and buying a whole pack and smoking them in a chain!!

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    I know it's hard to quit smoking as I've tried myself. I know it's possible because my dad quit smoking.

    And surprisingly he quit one day and never turned back. He hasn't smoked in almost 2 years now. And he'd been smoking 2 packs a day for around 41 years. I think he started when he was 18. He's now 61 years old.

    He actually thought he was gonna die a few months ago because he was hacking up blood really, really, really bad. Luckily he survived.

    I wish you luck in quitting smoking.

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    Good luck in quitting, and the advice so far has been great so I won't add on to it. The one thing I will say is that you should give your doctor a call if you are having trouble, there are a couple of great medications that can be used in combination with everything else to help improve the chance of successfully quitting.

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