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Thread: Handling a Diaper Failure (Unexpected Droppings)

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    Default Handling a Diaper Failure (Unexpected Droppings)

    I was at a friend's house the last weekend and next thing I noticed was white 'lint' balls in various places throughout his house.

    Of course, it was not lint but the Diaper Filling. I randomly picked up the pieces as much as I could throughout the house.

    It was (believe it or not) an Active Ultra Plus that I had put on in the morning and drove to school then over to his house. For some reason the seam broke along the back butt area and I did not notice it.

    So, the question is how do you handle diaper droppings? Prevention Ideas?

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    I can't really think of anything besides wearing plastic pants or regular underwear over the diaper =/

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    That usually means your either wearing a diaper too small or too tightly.

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    Sounds like a mechanical failure that originated from the production plant.

    If you catch it early you can do something about it but aside from that idk what to say.

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    I think it broke too easily and likely from just adjusting in my seat a little to much as I had a stuffed belly and just never got into a nice seating position.

    I usually wore FunPals over my Depends to cut down on noise but never found the need since I got the new diapers.

    I might get some small adult underwear to wear over the diaper as they are much bigger then Depends or plastic pants. Thoughts?

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    be careful that the crotch seam of your pants isn't being too abrasive and wearing through your diaper. If you're worried about that, wear boxers or briefs over your diaper to protect it from damage.

    I've had that happen to me once, but it didn't get too severe and thankfully I wasn't wet at the time.

    After that incident I remember my next diaper I placed a strip of clear packing tape up the middle outside shell of the diaper before putting it on, to protect it as a precaution with those jeans. But I've never had that problem since. I think it's aggravated by moving while you sit. (I was on a long bicycle ride the first incident)

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    It has never happened to me, but I was going to suggest packing tape or duc tape... Then Bambinod said it... err.
    Any tape that is water resistant. Not cloth tape, and not scotch tape!

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    That sucks... it used to happen to me with Attends waistband style briefs. Every morning there would be fluff falling all over the place and sometimes the entire inside would fall out when I took it off. If it happens regularly, it may be the actual diaper. But, like other users suggested, cover up with underwear, or use clear tape.

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    Underwear seems to be working. Although I am not trying to break the diaper.

    I noticed it was kind of 'sticking' between the legs (much bigger diaper then Depends) so the underwear works nicely.

    The break was along the back butt side of the diaper when I finally inspected the diaper.
    I wonder if my friends just thought it was lint or knew it was diaper droppings.

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