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Thread: Finally Joining You All!

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    Default Finally Joining You All!

    Hello all of Adisc!

    So I've been checking out this site for almost the last year, but I had some fears about making an account. In any case I'm here now!

    I'm your pretty typical 18 yr old guy. I'm definitely interested in tech, gadgets and the like. I love to work with that kind of stuff and I'm going to school for it. My other love would be sports. I've been around the horn with a few sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball and football. No hockey or baseball though. It seems like if I can't touch the ball, I'm no good at it!

    I'd definitely classify myself as mostly DL, though I have a few AB tendencies. I have to live in diaper abstinence for the most part, due to still living with my family. I did get found out when I was thirteen, before I really understood what was going on. I've allowed my parents to think I've grown out of it.

    I also proudly dabble in AB/DL storywriting. (Mostly about girls, I'm straight as an arrow and there's not much out there about our female friends.) Don't get too excited though, I'm really persnickety and I won't release anything until I'm sure it's absolutely 100% perfect.

    So that's me! Just in case any of you were wondering, the screen name is a Halo 3 viral ad campaign reference.

    This community is really supporting, and I'm glad I'm finally here,

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    Hi AR

    Welcome to ADISC - it's great that you decided to make the leap between being a lurker and being a contributor! I hope you'll find it much more rewarding joining in with some of the conversations here as opposed to just reading them - plus members get access to all sorts of areas of the forum guests don't.

    Anyway, congrats on a great introduction It's always good when someone manages to talk about their life outside of diapers! Whilst I do not have a technological brain at all you will find lots of other members here who do - you should check out the groups, I'm sure there will be lots of gadgety ones there, and from the fact your name is from it's campaign I'm guessing you like Halo and I know that has loads of fans here too: Groups -

    Nice to have another storywriter join us as well I write some AB/DL fiction myself, also mostly about girls (I guess 'cos I am one - I like to relate to my main characters). I will look forward to reading some of your work if you choose to post any here

    Anyway, enjoy the forums and I look forward to seeing you around


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    hehe just playin,

    welcome welmcome and enjoy your stay, however i am very disapointed in your lack of hockey.... *shakes head disapointedly...*

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    Hiya! Welcome to ADISC!
    It is great that you found the courage to make an account. It is kinda awesome to be able to be part of this awesome community and to have to be able to chat and discuss with them.

    I love technology and I am very computer savvy myself. I can do tons of stuff on the computer varying from making games to websites and more. Unlike you, I never really got into sports and probably will never will. They don't seem all that interesting to me. :/

    It is also cool that you write stories. I was a president of a writing club for 2 years. It was great. I write fantasy long-stories and I am currently working on one right now.

    Glad you joined, and enjoy your time here!

    -Kakasho Lin

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    Smile At last welcome aboard!

    Welcome to ADISC adjutantreflex.
    So glad you took your time, taking most of the year to check us out before joining. Too many people seem to rush in to things too often these days.

    Whatever you define as typical for an 18 year old male, just remember we are all unique individuals. Looks like you are having fun with ball sports that is great, but I was never that good at sports.

    What we do need is some good storywriters; especially those that are very particular when it comes to the self-proof reading part. Is that what persnickety means?
    It must have been very embarrassing being caught when you were only 13, very wise of you to allow your parents to think that you have grown out of it, (it is hard enough being a parent as it is).

    We are heading into summer here down under, (though this week has been very wet, cold and a bit more like our winter), what is winter like in Chicago? I have had an interest in nappies all my life, but my adult interests include science and astronomy.

    Anyway again welcome (assuming that ALL even includes me), enjoy your time here and I look forward to reading your stories.

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