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Thread: the most embarrassing thing happen to you

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    Default the most embarrassing thing happen to you

    what is your most embarrassing thing that happen to you with diapers.

    three mouths a go I whas at a family git to gather I head the great idea to wear a diaper to the git to gather. I had afow beer's and pee in the diaper. well the diaper over flowed and it Lek. Need I say moor

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    So far the most embarrassing thing would be looking around the store all nervous and jumpy the first few times I went to buy them.

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    In my later-teenage years I developed an acute paranoia that I was going to wet my pants in public when intoxicated, and so at parties I took to always wearing drynites under my jeans. I never used them (purposefully or accidentally) and assumed nobody had noticed until I had this conversation with my best friend when intoxicated at a party:

    Him: Jess, we all know you keep the crop close to the farm.
    Me: *not understanding euphemism* Huh?
    Him: Y'know, you keep the crop close to the farm.
    Me: What?
    Him: How you have problems holding it. I just want you to know that I find it a bit weird and it makes me a bit uncomfortable, but don't worry, it doesn't mean I don't like you. I still love you *he hugs me*

    I was so mortified that I didn't bother to correct him and let him think I was incontinent (which would have possibly been better than admitting the truth anyway). After the hug he changed the subject and it was never mentioned again, and he definitely knows I'm not incontinent now, so I have no idea what he thinks was going on back then, and I have never (and will never) asked.

    But without a doubt that was the most embarrassing diaper-related thing that has ever happened to me.

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    WOW!!!! My face would be bright red for a week if that happened to me

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    My crazy aunt threw my diapers among other things belonging to family all over a hotel room while looking for her ring which she had earlier sworn I had stolen. (I had not.) In other words, she tore the room up looking for her ring. Several relatives and I opened the hotel room's door to witness this.

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    Oh man... I have had a ton of lousy events happen over the years and therefore im almost afraid to talk about it cuz it just sucks so dang bad, i swear my gf asked this before too and it was like ugh... and this is pretty much what i told her too. The closest one that comes to mind on my list of "wow that sucks" is last christmas dinner. We were visiting family... plenty of people who are relatives that im trying to open my gates so to speak to. My personal emotional issues, self esteam issues all directly linked to my stuttering and shyness keeps me in a rough state. Anyways, we were eating dinner together at the table, theres like 11 of us total, and sure enough... all the days overwelmingly good food road blocked my tummy with the enevitable IBS spike of doom. And without warning, i was just eating peacfully trying not to overwelm my self with everones presence and like.. bang, my tummy just churns and lets go... my heart pretty much shot out of my chest and exploded and my soul shrivvled up and died. I mean my family was aware of my situation of incontinence but like.. it was on the down low so to speak... and this pretty much ruind me. It was loud enough that everyone instantly knew so... basically i just crumbled in my chair and burst in to tears and my dad ended up carrying me out of the room because at the time i had my leg braces on and my forearm crutches were off so... atleast i got taken out of the situation.

    I wouldnt wish that experience on anyone... that pretty much killed christmas for me completely last year.. i was just emotionally destroyed.. i couldnt even make eyecontact with anybody even when people tried to consol me i was like... just gone... im not sure how im even going to approach christmas this year.. im still pretty beat up about that ...

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    My most embarrassing moment in a diaper,was standing talking to a cashier while she was scanning a purchase I had just bought..I felt a rumble in my tummy,tried to just shake it off but had a feeling I was filling my pants..just then and thank god it was only me in the lane..she said
    "we are having a sale on diapers over on isle 9"

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    Quote Originally Posted by timetochange View Post
    My most embarrassing moment in a diaper,was standing talking to a cashier while she was scanning a purchase I had just bought..I felt a rumble in my tummy,tried to just shake it off but had a feeling I was filling my pants..just then and thank god it was only me in the lane..she said
    "we are having a sale on diapers over on isle 9"
    Yeah that sounds likely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTed View Post
    Yeah that sounds likely!
    Yes, that probably didn't happen exactly, but some of it rings true to me.

    One of my most embarassing was in the checkout line and feeling the familiar tummy rumble. I tried to hurry up the self checkout process but right before I rang everything up my bowels released and I filled the diaper to the max. why it was bad it because it stank to high heaven and people around me started backing away. One person in particular left the area completely, gagging. The entire walk to the car was bad, everyone I passed did SOMETIHNG to signal I smelt like feces from holding their nose to almost vomiting.

    I can't help it I have sometimes a bad body system. But I don't blame them. I smelt horrible and wasn't able to wipe up until two hours later; by that point my tushy was so red and sore I wanted to cry.

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    last year during black friday shopping at walmart. The war plan is that I hit electronics and mom hits the other areas... well i got my stuff and met up with her, and then it hit me..... omg "i'll be back i gotta go home

    I made it out of the store to the car with only letting a little out, but not home (i live like a mile from there), by the time i had gotten home i had completely filled my diaper. I re-diapered up and went back to get her.....

    That was the only time i messed and never intended to do so. That would not be the last, that weekend was rough, i found out i was constipated badly... yes you can have the runs and be bunged up.

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