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Thread: Back Again!

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    Lightbulb Back Again!

    Oh dear. Apparently now I'm a lurker. Ah, well at least I'm back to the forums again!

    Sorry if I missed anything important and everything. I've been kind of 'off' lately. Can't really explain it, but I've been kind of out of posting and visiting the forums. I'll try to visit more often, if I'm not too busy with everything.

    Hope to see you guys around again!

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    Welcome back!

    I know how it feels to be back to the forum after some days of absence and finding that you're considered a lurker... luckily it goes away just as soon as you re-start posting.

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    hi, angelicus!

    sorry about the lurker status. negotiations are currently under way to remove the new modifications that cause people to revert to lurker status after a week without posting. hopefully that'll be gone soon. it's mostly a technical aspect of the database and has nothing to do with your standing in the community. anyway, i see your regular status has returned now.

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    Matrix Blade


    I don't really know you ,but I'm glad you're back!

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    Hey Angel, I know what ya mean about that "off" feeling. I get it every once in a while.

    Hope to see ya posting more!

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