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  • I sleepwalk sometimes and kick off the covers sometimes

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  • I never sleepwalk but I kick off the covers

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  • I don't do either

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Thread: Blanket Kick-Offing/Sleepwalking

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    Default Blanket Kick-Offing/Sleepwalking

    How many of you kick the covers off of you while you sleep at night? In addition, does anyone here sleepwalk?

    I wake up coverless nearly everyday, which may be why I wake up early in the morning every day.

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    Recently I've started to sleep facing upwards towards my ceiling, most of the tiimes I'm still covered when I wake up.
    Considering I sleep completely naked it would be pretty embarrasing to have someone walk in my room if I had kicked my covers off, not that I'm ashamed of anything.

    I've only had one experience of sleepwalking, at least that's what I assumed had happened, I slept in my bedroom upstairs & ended up waking downstairs in my living on the couch.

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    Lol, I can fall asleep under the covers, then in the morning find them all on the floor :p

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    i don't think kicking off the covers has anything to do with sleepwalking...

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    i have a lot of funny stories of my brother who's a bad sleeper.

    one, we were camping a long time ago. i was 7 and he was 5. in the middle if the night he started saying "gimmy cooky gimmy cooky gimmy cooky" and started laughing. my mom said he couldn't have a cooky and my brother didn't answer. he has no memory of this.

    two, i heard a scream from outside my door. i ran out to se my brother completly confused on the stairs and my mom at my door. my mom had asked what he was doing up so late, but he wasn't up. he was sleepwalking and my mom woke him up. she brought him back to bed and he passed out. he has no memory of this either.

    three, a few days ago he had a night terror. a night terror is different than a nightmear. you are never dreaming when you have a night terror, but you scream and kick and punch the air as if someone was trying to kill you. so my brother woke up everyone in the house screaming like crazy, and he has no idea it ever happened.

    as for me, i sleep soundly.

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    I seem to shift around a fair amount in sleep, but I rarely do anything more than pull the blankets a bit. They inevitably need straightening in the morning, but they're still tucked in.

    As for sleepwalking, I haven't done it since I was a teen. Only a couple isntances, but one of those times I was headed outside through the front door and my parents woke me up. Based on that, I can attest that waking a sleepwalker is fairly traumatic. Better than wandering out into the road asleep, but I was heavily freaked out for a bit afterwards. Very disconnected feeling and one I wouldn't care to repeat.

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    I kick off my covers every night. It sucks! So now I'm affraid to "wear" through the night.

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    Well, I can wake up with my covers on me when i went to sleep with them on the floor :-D

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