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Thread: No-Limits Coaster Simulation

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    Default No-Limits Coaster Simulation

    Haven't had the game for too long, but it is worth the 30 bucks i paid for it.
    Some POV's of my rides and other rides

    This is frostbite, it has extensive 3ds scenery and a newton style track.

    This is Colder Fusion, I didn't make it, but it is still worthy of placing on this list.

    This is Gaia, another one that I didn't make, but in my oppinion, it is probably the best coaster of all of them.

    You can download a demo that comes with 5 rides, and you can't save your own designs, but you can get used to the editor using the demo.
    Click "Downloads" on the left

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    Reminds me of SimCoaster. Probably wasn't anywhere near as powerful as this, but it was still quite awesome in its day.

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    I'd go on Frostbite, but it seems a bit too fast.

    colder fusion looks like it would be a epic ride. But would any park really make a coaster that goes underground that much? Plus they would need to keep the "laser" lights (for nighttime riding) and onboard audio would be sweet.

    I agree that Giga is the best out of the 3. It's theme (props, areas of the ride) is epic.

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    I'd love to get into NoLimits; it seems like a more-powerful version of a builder I got a few years ago (Ultra Rails or something? I don't remember) and I know that you can do incredibly in-depth rides that way. But whenever I download the demo and go into the editor I get overwhelmed. Do you ever get used to the interface?

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    You get used to the interface after a few hours of use. Frostbite was for a contest that I had to keep it small and fast, and has since been updated with several trims. I do agree that Gaia is one of the best you will ever come across. If you are having trouble with the interface, there are people on youtube that will gladly help you with it, but I am self taught. I just played around with everything and finally got to this. If you are continuing to have trouble, then try using the RCT1 import feature (ONLY RCT1.)

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    Wow!!! These are really cool! Kudos to you! These remind me of Roller Coaster Tycoon.

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    Well, RCT had a much more user friendly interface, and you couldn't ride your creations until RCT3. No-Limits uses a much more complicated interface, but it isn't really complicated when you learn what does what.

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    I bought this a long time ago... I have made some crazy shit in my day!
    When I moved from the old family computer to the one in my room, we reinstalled Windows XP on that one, and my registration info was lost.
    Then I just pirated it. I didn't feel bad about it. They already had my money.

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    Funny, I was just thinking about reinstalling rollercoaster tycoon 2 a few minutes before discovering this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsoluteBedlam View Post
    Funny, I was just thinking about reinstalling rollercoaster tycoon 2 a few minutes before discovering this thread.
    time to get RCT3. Isn't it like 19.99 for RCT3 and both it's expansions?

    Anyways, atari or whoever makes RCT games was asking fans if they want to see RCT4.. the answers was of course. #%^@ing yes.

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