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Thread: I found these responses somewhat interesting

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    Default I found these responses somewhat interesting

    Girls in Adult Diapers -- Is It Porn? -

    This was on a completely unrelated search to *B/DL stuff and the responses people have given are not anywhere near as prejudiced as on some boards.

    Clearly this might be because *B/DL's are posting the responses or there might be more intelligent people in the world than I initially thought. :p


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    wells... jus cuz ppl dont want to participate in the fetish doesnt mean they dont understand what a fetish is i guess.. but personally i think its circomstantial

    If ur just padded up and chillin doin stuff on the computer... as an incontinent person and as a little furry girl.. i dont view my self as pornographic... im just chillin... lol.... if somebody was holding a video camra at me i would be annoyed but i sure wouldnt find my self any more pornographic lol... i might start throwing things though.....

    however if their like.. groaping their padding and moaning and stupid shit... then yea idd say "pornnnnnn" :3...

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    I was actually more interested in the sane responses to the question, rather than the question itself. I don't think a lot of the diaper content on youtube should be there, but it was one of the first sites I came across when I discovered myself, and I don't see why a non *B/DL or Parent would come across it. It sucks for the Parent but they should at least be mature enough to deal with it.
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    I was surprised how some people actually defended *B/DLism, despite not being such themselves. There was the expected "This encourages child molestation" posts, but ignorance is unavoidable. I like to think positive, and I was happily surprised that it wasn't all people acting disgusted.

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    oh... well i dont really see the child molestation theme much ever in generals... *Shrugs*

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    Honestly, I find it funny when people act disgusted. That is why I show my friends disgusting things on the Internet!

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    In relevance to the article, I don't think it's appropriate for YouTube. I mean, it depends on the video, but stuff that's obviously for sexual gratification should be taken down. I saw one video of a ABDL nursery and this AB girl was showing it off, nothing really sexual about it so I think it could stay, but the wetting videos can be taken down.

    Peoples responses were definitely better than other places I'v seen when the topic comes up. Of course you still get the ignorant posts because, well, it's the internet and people are stupid. But it was nice to see that some could think beyond themselves.

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    as expected, most of the responses I saw were negative... it's only expected to see people attacking something they don't understand.
    that having been said, as was stated before, the fact that there were any "vanilla" people defending the fetish is slightly surprising... though that leads me to either conclude they themselves are likely into the scene, or perhaps in a different, equally controversial one (or maybe they're just more mature than your typical human... but my other guesses seem more accurate based on what I know of humanity.)

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    I just don't see how liking to wear diapers is like some 'gateway drug' to being a pedo. I mean does liking Nascar and guns mean you are going to the next DC Sniper?

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    To me, porn is simply any media created with the intention of being sexually provocative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivionxi1 View Post
    I saw one video of a ABDL nursery and this AB girl was showing it off, nothing really sexual about it so I think it could stay, but the wetting videos can be taken down.
    They are, sooner or later.

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