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Thread: Another one bites the cloth dust

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    Default Another one bites the cloth dust

    I received an email the other day from Medi Prime makers of one of my favorite diapers the Eurobrief. The email introduced the new cloth backed Eurobrief that would be phasing out the old plastic backed diaper that I love.

    I went to the DME (Disposable Medical Express) website where I usually buy them from and sure enough they had the new product on the front page of their diaper section. They still had the original listed as, "EuroBriefs (EB) by MediPrime, old style plastic backed" and they were out of stock of the Large size but no Medium and guess what? I'm a Medium. I was so disappointed because I had just bought a couple packs but would have gotten a case if I knew they were being discontinued.

    I wrote MediPrime a letter to express my disappointment with their decision to discontinue them and practically begged them to offer both versions side by side, I didn't get a reply.

    Well today I got an email from DME asking me to review my recent purchase and I clicked the link and found that they had Mediums in stock for both packs and cases. I was so excited that I bought a case, (I hope my wife doesn't mind.) The Large were out of stock but they did have X-Large available too.

    So if you like the Eurobriefs and you're a medium or x-large they have them at DME's website but who knows for how long.

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    Thanks for the info. It's a shame so many companies are switching to cloth-backed. I find they're terrible for night usage - by morning, even if you haven't saturated the diaper, the outside feels damp. And, they're really not much less noisy than the plastic-backed.

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    That's sad . Cloth-backed disposables just do not function right as diapers. You need that plastic film to keep all the moisture in, end of story...and as Greene said, they aren't really much quieter. Some are noisier!!!

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    Just out of curiosity what brands that you guys frequent are cloth backed? For when I decide to "baby up" and try some good brands.

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    Cloth backed? All of the pullups, pretty much... most of the new Attends (I think they're called 'breatheable' now), Tena (in North America), a lot of the new Molicare brands... read the packaging. I use Molicare Super at night now since they are still plastic backed. And, Attends makes a plastic style still called "waistband". Also, Depend Maximum is plastic-backed, and pretty useless.

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    Thanks for the heads up! I've been meaning to try these for some time but never got around to it. The fact that they are getting rid of the plastic backing was motivation! Down with cloth!

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    When I told my wife that one of my favorite diapers were being discontinued her response was, "then you should get two cases." I love my wife.

    Oh, BTW I almost forgot... if you do pick up a case from DME and want to save $5, use the coupon code 'DMECODE1' I found it after clicking on the PDF of their catalog and it was in the first few pages. I've used it a few times and I think it only works if you buy a case, either that or you have to spend over $50, I can't remember which.

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