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    Question Messed up vision

    Every time I play Guitar Hero Three, I look at the bottom of the screen, play the notes, miss every other one, blabalbla. Anyways, when I look of the screen, but can see the TV out of the corner of my eye, it appears the TV is stretching upwards. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this or perhaps with another game.

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    Does it happen to other things besides Guitar Hero? If so then the Y axis on your TV may be off...You may be able to fix it using whatever options you have with the remote or whatever...Otherwise you have to open your TV to fix it

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    no i mean it appears to be moving upward, like if I blink then it goes away for a second. it stays level at the bottom but then streches upward at the top, like if I were to hold a slinky at the palm of my hand and strech it out with my other hand. It only does this if I look of my TV and only if I play guitar hero.

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    Hmm...Maybe it's an optical illusion from the fret board on the screen being vertical?

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    Possibly, considering that the fret board is at the bottom, yet you need to see the notes coming from the middle of the screen, this may make a illusion when i focus on the bottom of the screen, then, when the song ends, I look up and my eyes can't adjust that fast.

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    That's possible...I haven't noticed this when I play, but I could be used to it, or my eyes just adjust faster

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    Harmonix's games are notorious for that visual effect, especially the Amplitude/Frequency games (which after playing through a song the entire TV screen looked like it was expanding). Amplitude and Frequency, btw, two very underplayed games for the PS2 that deserve your attention if you like GH.

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