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    What would you do if you found out your room mate liked diapers too?

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    Share with her and have diaper parties! That would be freaking awesome!

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    What kind of evidence do you have? I'm not douting you I just want to know more about the situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxas82 View Post
    What would you do if you found out your room mate liked diapers too?
    I'd be shocked that I had a roommate about whom I have no knowledge or contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxas82 View Post
    he doesn't know that i know
    I'd tell him straight up that I know...but not to worry, cuz I like diapers too...Fun time!

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    Unless I was 100% sure I wouldn't do anything. Even if I saw my housemate wearing a diaper I wouldn't automatically assume she likes them - there are other reasons people wear diapers (namely incontinence and bedwetting) which could actually mean that they hate wearing diapers. Somebody who wears diapers due to a genuine need might not necessarilly be accepting of having a friend who wears for fun - they may feel that someone wearing diapers for fun undermines or invalidates their own feelings towards their incontinence etc.

    Equally, if I saw little signs to suggest my housemate wears diapers I wouldn't automatically assume that to be the case. A perceived diaper crinkle could be a sweet-packet in a pocket and a diaper bulge could just be the fit of their jeans.

    If you suspect your roommate likes diapers you could leave very subtle hints that you do too, but I wouldn't be obvious about it yet in case you are mistaken.

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    Tread carefully, my friend. I was in a similar situation. I once dated someone who found out I had lack of bladder control and wore diapers. That person had a fetish for it and assumed I did too, and at the time, I was NOT well adjusted. So, I threw a number of nasty names, thought the person was an insensitive freak, and was completely pissed off at the whole AB/DL community for awhile (had never heard of it before that point - I was 16)... never spoke to that person again. For those of us who are incontinent, it's a really touchy issue to deal with. So, if you have seen your roommate in a diaper, don't assume.
    If, however, there is more to support your suspicions, then maybe let your roommate 'accidentally' see some clues about you and see how that goes.
    *Edit* - IF your roommate turns out to be incontinent, try to not let them find out about your tastes as it may make them uncomfortable and alienate you. If they discover you have found out, be sympathetic and understanding and act like you don't care, lots of people have medical problems. But, don't ever pretend to be incontinent as well if they find your diapers - once you have gained their trust, they may understand if you have to explain yourself. I wish you the best of luck!

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    well i walked in and had a glisp of her screen. it was this site actually... i don't know if she has an account here, but i saw diaper, and immediately looked at the website... she quickly shut her screen... i must say, this site looks more organised than most

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxas82 View Post
    What would you do if you found out your room mate liked diapers too?
    I would push on the topic if I was friends with him/her hoping he/she would come out to me. I might make a comment about them or about *B/DL stuff to try and find out if he actually was a *B/DL. If I got a strong feeling that he was one too I might come out to him if we were good friends in the hopes that it would strengthen our friendship.

    However I think that any kind of mommy/daddy RP stuff would feel too awkward.

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