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    OK, I've never been an athlete before. I've played some community sports, and I was decent, but I was never an athlete. Though, I know I'm pretty strong, and I've been taking Martial Arts to improve my strength. Now, I heard that the Track and Field team at my school had try outs soon, so i took a flier for it. I read the description, and I think that I want to do Discus and Shot put. It would give me a chance to reinvent myself in high school, and not be viewed as the nerd I truly am. The only downside is that if I do this, it would take a TON of commitment. Meaning, I can't do Martial Arts any more, and worst of all, I will not be able to audition for our musical this year. I got suspended last year, so I missed out on the musical. Plus, most of the competition from middle school is gone, so I'd have a better chance at getting the part I want. I need help!

    Which should I choose? Field or the Musical?

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    Oh, the musical, definitely. Then you get your martial arts too. Is the only reason for doing the Shotput and whatnot to create a new self-image? What musical are you doing? How well can you sing? How well can you act? (You don't need to act humble if you're good ) Will you get a chance to audition before going into field? Meaning, if you don't end up getting a good part, could you back out and join field? Or vice versa? Or will the teachers/coaches/instructors/directors even let you do that? Will the musical be going on as long as field? Or will field go on longer?
    I still think that the musical is the better choice. Of course, I'm a little biased

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    1) No, I also think it would be a good experience to be on a team. Though, for the most part, yes.
    2) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat
    3) Very Well
    4) Very Well (been tricking my parents and teachers into things for years :3)
    5) No, auditions are in January, and Field starts in a couple of weeks.
    6) No
    7) No
    8) Field is longer.
    9) Field is longer.

    Thanks for the advice.

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