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Thread: On a Mission; Cheap Laptop

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    Cool On a Mission; Cheap Laptop

    2 years ago, I ordered a dell laptop, which sucked, was slow, and worthless. I traded it to my dad for $500 and brought a desktop. 2 months ago I was hit by several trojans and Windows went to hell, at that time I learned I should of had protection. I then searched around for my Ubuntu CD, I ordered from a free cd mailing list, and installed it. Long story short, I instantly loved it. I have learned more about linux, and I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a cheap laptop that could run ubuntu and/or fedora. Price range around $400 or LESS!!! I am going to take on a few small jobs this summer, so hopefully I will have a cheap laptop!!

    Joke I came up with: Computers are like sex, Mac is protected, you never get any viruses. But with windows, you can get almost all the games and software available. Windows is the unprotected sex, you get all the good stuff, but your computer usually gets STD's. Ehh, better leave comedy to the proffesionals .

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    Macs don't get viruses because people don't make as many for Mac...I'm not too sure on where to get cheap laptops...You probably won't find any at like Best Buy or someplace that sells news ones...Your best bet would be to probably check eBay...Make sure to read the description well though

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    Shippo beat me to it. But yeah, Eee PC is a good candidate. It comes with Xandros, but I think you can put Ubuntu on it.

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    If you want to run any version of linux the requirements are much less than Windows so a laptop that is a couple of years old from eBay or anywhere really is your best bet in my opinion.

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    If you can find an old, say, 6 or 7 year old laptop on eBay or something, getting it to work with Linux; say, Ubuntu or Xubuntu, would be a snap because the hardware has been long around enough to have it work with it.

    Linux's requirements are dirt low. Xubuntu needs only 128MB of RAM to work beautifully, Ubuntu only 256MB (although it's recommended somewhere around 382MB), and processor requirements are also low; I've gotten Xubuntu to run on a PII 333MHz and Ubuntu on a 750MHz PIII; all without problems nor slow performance. So; old hardware is a good thing to consider.

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    I found the comic I wanted to put in my other post...

    Wow...that is great.

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    Wow...that is great.

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