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Thread: can't decide on what diapers i should get

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    Default can't decide on what diapers i should get

    hi there. basically, my friend just paid me back, so i have $200. i usually do all my online ordering around Christmas because i can use the presents excuse.

    but, now that it comes down to it, i am not sure what to order. the only diapers i have ordered online are ATN's, which were great, but without the waste-band, they had a tendency to leak at night

    so, since this is basically my one time to order during the year, besides summer, help me decide. also, im about a 38 inch waist, and im 6'1'', so i dont know if i should get mediums or larges. the ATN's i bought were larges, and they were pretty big...

    Dry 24/7 mediums = 72 for $118.95
    Abena abri-form x-plus = 36 for $57.95 / x2 = 72 for $115.90
    Bambino (probably teddy's) = 48 for $67 / + 16 for $29 = 62 for $96

    comments, suggestions, etc. these gotta last me 6 months, till summer when i have more time to order. also, help on size? i can take any measurements for help, but i can't really order a sample pack because i basically only have 1 chance to order

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnitesboy12 View Post
    Bambino's are the best of the 3
    I agree =D

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    With your situation, wanting to make it last, I'd recommend the Abena based on value. I've not tried any of the brands, but I've read they're all similar.

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    How do you use them? Judging by the quantity and your expectation that they would last 6mo I am guessing maybe 1-2 per week. Do you wet/mess in them often?

    Clearly people can help with sizing, but what was your plan with respect to using your stash over this time frame?

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    idk, i like to wear a few times a week, and to the fullest (i wont mess if im in a limited time frame) but yea. idk, ill probably just drop the money on dry 24/7 for fun times, and pick up some depends for limited time frames

    i dont really know what size though? medium? large?

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    at 38" you are probably between med and large size for dry247 and about right for bambino large, assuming you want an "average" fit. I'm a 34 pant size and find the dry247 med to be perfect, and I'm between bam med and large. Bam med are maybe 1" from being too small for me, the lower tapes come REAL close to the end of the landing plastic.

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    Med 24/7 would be good but a waste of money if you can't wear them long enough to fill them. There a 12+ hour diaper. Abena M-4 or perhaps L-4 would be a good choice for overnite. Either choice is available fron XP Medical, a very trustworthy seller. If you can only wear a few hours at a time stay with the cheeper brands, Tranquility ATNs large, Molicare med or lg, Tena Supers med.. Northshore Care is a good source for those. I like a mix so I buy pack quantities of all and case lots of the M-4s, my faves.

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    Bambino's Teddies are incredible...they're softer than any of their predicessors, and are a bit more absorbent. Fun teddy prints on the front too. Oh and they have stretchy tabs :P

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