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Thread: Puberty and Incontinence?

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    Unhappy Puberty and Incontinence?

    I am 14 and 10 months. I wet the bed accidentally three or four times in September, than once in the middle if October, than three days in a row from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1st. I told my mom on the 1st, went to a same day clinic, and they refereed me to a urologist and said it may just be puberty. (Male, BTW) Is it possible that if the urologist finds no physical reason, could puberty REALLY cause incontinence? (I kinda hope he does find a physical thing, cause than i know what exactly it is, but also i kinda hope he don't, cause puberty is a very easy way to explain to others, and it's sure to go away)

    I also have lots of trouble holding it, and once wet myself in school. Luckily I was wearing black jeans and had a spare set of cloths. :p I didn't tell my mom about the school thing, just that it's hard to hold it. should i tell her?

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    The decision to tell your mother is on you. We can only guide you so much.

    As for the incotinence, I guess you can say I wet the bed, and twice I've had an accident during the day, and I constantly rush to the bathroom sometimes. Puberty however, I've seen no effect on.

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    O.K. I think i will tell her about the school thing. How will that be managed if it continues?

    More bathroom breaks is not an option, bullies at my school are smart and imaginative. (oxymoron?) They'll definitely make some rumor about why I go to the bathroom twice every class period. I also can't afford to miss ANY more class, at all! So any other discreet options?

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    Go before you leave home and don't drink much in school. That's the only advice I have :P Hope it all works out mate

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    I have definitely heard of puberty inducing bedwetting, but admittedly I'm having hard time finding information to back it up. It could just be one of those medical myths that gets passed around. At any rate, people do wet the bed into puberty, and there are many things that can cause it. Good for you for talking to you mom and seeing a doctor -- they'll be able to tell you more than anyone here can. As for you day wetting in school, bullies will be bullies, and they'll find ways to antagonize you no matter what you do. If you've got to go, you've got to go. If it comes down to a matter of missing too much class time, bring a note from your urologist so it doesn't look like your BSing to ditch out on class.

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    Thank you, but I already tried that. No luck... Plus here in AZ it gets pretty hot, so lots of fluids is kind of a must

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    I would definitely tell your mother about everything. It could be nothing, but it could be serious. Frequent urination could be overactive bladder, or worse; Diabetes. It's very important that you rule out at least Diabetes since it can cause blindness, nerve damage, other health problems, and even death. Seriously, have it checked out!

    Discreet options for hiding it at school would be to wear a pull up style diaper. Depending on your weight and build, you may be able to wear Goodnites, or similar kids diapers. These are pretty thin, and discreet, and as long as you are somewhat careful, nobody will ever know.

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    I actually stopped bedwetting at 7, than started again 2 months ago. And I have F's in all my classes because of lack of homewoo
    rk, even though my AIMS (Arizona Instrument for Measuring Standards) is sky high. And I absolutely HATE missing class! Between a rock and a hard place, i guess.

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    I am a little underweight, and actually had a diabetes test because it runs in the family. It was negative. I may go for the goodnights. sounds good for my situation. but are the goodnights noisy? Bulky? Moderately absorbent? (I notice I'm peeing when I'm about half done ) Expensive?

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    Seriously dude... Get it checked! If it's a medical condition that can be treated you wont have to miss anymore class, or worry about bed wetting, frequent urges, or even mandatory diapers. Then you can wear padding when you want, and not because you have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1337tbdl View Post
    I am a little underweight, and actually had a diabetes test because it runs in the family. It was negative. I may go for the goodnights. sounds good for my situation. but are the goodnights noisy? Bulky? Moderately absorbent? (I notice I'm peeing when I'm about half done ) Expensive?
    When was the test done? Before the recent problems? Also, Goodnites are quiet, thin, and absorbent as long as the size you get fits you in the weight class.

    Goodnites are actually pretty cheap compared to adult diapers. I think you can get them on Amazon for about $18 for a pack of 21 in size L/XL

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    Thank you. I have an Apt. with a urologist in a week. I need advice until than/if no treatable cause. Don't worry, I'm being smart about all this.

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    Actually, It was like 3 months ago. Just before it started. They may test me again, though.

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