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Thread: Your a bunch of creepers!

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    Default Your a bunch of creepers!

    I was thinking about it....this whole lifestyle is screwed up! Diapers are meant for the incontinent, bedwetters, and little kids!! Which 90% of you do not fall under this category. Grow up! Go to counseling. Get a hold of your lives. You are not a baby and you do not need diapers. You need professional help. I am going to get help and escape this diaper lover! You are a bunch of sickos.

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    i often feel the same way. then i realize what can you do but embrace it, after all, your not hurting anyone

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    So why post this? Do you really think we want to know that one more person does not like how we do things?

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    Well then I have two words for you..............f**k you. Unless this is a joke, then lol

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    It's spelled 'you're' as in a contraction of 'you', and 'are'. People who can't get that right are sickos.

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    You are of course at liberty to seek whatever professional help you desire in dealing with this. If I were going to suggest any particular area it would be in dealing with your self-loathing and to focus on your own problems rather than worrying about others who have come to a healthy accord with their desires. I know I'm a much happier person for accepting that this part of myself is not harmful and in fact has had benefits in terms of people I have met that I would not otherwise.

    Given that you're not really offering anything constructive here for yourself or others, I'm closing the thread. I hope you'll find yourself in a more productive frame of mind at some point.

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