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Thread: Any luck with treatments? Any recommendations?

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    Default Any luck with treatments? Any recommendations?

    A little history:
    Okay, so I am 25 years old, female, developmentally "normal" (although I am obese, but have not been my entire life - and have been losing a great deal of weight lately). I don't really have health conditions other than asthma, bi-polar/borderline personality disorder/ocd/panic disorder, or back problems (scoliosis, and most recently an herniated disc pinching the sciatic nerve). I have had reproductive problems (a miscarriage about 8 years ago, cysts, endometriosis) and have had Mirena inserted (and I don't recommend it, after bleeding for 5 months).

    Here's the deal:
    I have suffered from severe (nearly complete) urinary incontinence my entire life; I have wet the bed as long as I can remember and have always had great difficulty and little success staying dry during the day. But, my parents really didn't 'get' it and, after bringing me to a doctor who, when I was 8 years old, didn't examine me and told my parents I was 'lazy', my mother got incredibly abusive and my father acted like I was a freak. So, by the age of 9, I became successful at hiding it from my parents (although exhausted with laundry and sneaky shopping), but because of feeling abnormal, hid the problem rather than addressing it for years.
    When I was 23, I got married and my partner, who albeit is a terrible person I no longer speak to, was very understanding (she is 15 years my senior and diabetic, so had experienced urinary incontinence before being diagnosed) and unphased by the whole thing and convinced me to wear protection full time and talk to my doctor about it (which took me awhile to be convinced my doctor would be more professional).

    Fast forward:
    I am now, as I said, 25, and am on a waiting list to see an urologist; my doctor seemed very kind and understanding, but really did nothing to examine me (nor did my gynecologist, who wasn't very helpful, blaming it all on my weight which I know can have an effect, but not as much as it's had).
    After doing my own research, I think I may have a problem related to some neurological malfunction or nerve damage (I often don't even feel I have to go until I've already started or am just about to start).

    My question:
    Has anyone here had any success with any treatments for urinary incontinence? If so, please share your stories as I would love to have ideas to bring to the urologist. Anyone try any 'home' remedies, and if so, what, and to what effect?
    Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

    *Edit* - I should note what medications I take:
    (that's all I can think of at the moment)

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    Hi GreeneQueen,
    With out really know what type of incontinence you have makes it hard to really know what might work for you. I personally don't know anyone that is incontinent because they are over weight. As you already know they always want to start out with trying medications while they are trying to figure out what is causing the incontinence. I personally have finally been diagnosed with neurogenic bladder to which medications have not helped and I have even tried Botox injections which didn't help me either. If you have a neurogenic bladder then they may want to try the Botox injections and for some it really does work, just that you might have to go back every 6-9 months or so depending on how your body handles it. Another option they have been trying to use for this type of incontinence is the InterStim implant. I personally am not a candidate for this because of they type of work I do, I am around high levels of magnetism which would damage the machine.

    So for me, the best thing I can do is manage by using diapers 24/7 and I am not letting that control or stop me from living.
    Changing a wet diaper is easier than wet pants.

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    Thank you for your response! I will look into these options to see if they apply to me.
    I did not get a formal diagnosis, but my doctor has been referring to it as mixed (stress and urge) incontinence. So, I'm not sure. It's jsut frustrating that it's taking so long to get into an urologist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreeneQueen View Post
    ...(nor did my gynecologist, who wasn't very helpful, blaming it all on my weight which I know can have an effect, but not as much as it's had)...
    That's like saying "Hurrrr, you have an ear infection; It's 'cause you're obese durrrrr." I got the exact same crap during my childhood when I was obese about my allergies, constant stomach cramps, and reproductive issues once I hit puberty. Hence why I haven't seen a doctor since I was 16, nor do I plan to see one ever again if at all possible. Flipping idiots, getting paid 100k a year for being doishbags. (Funnily enough, ever since I stopped seeing medical professionals, I stopped gaining weight at about 17 and lost 50 pounds in the process. But I did get out of an abuse household, go on a special organic diet, and I practically live off of herbal supplements. But I'm happy now. )

    On the original note, I'm not incon, but I did have some muscle issues down there at one point and I couldn't hold it when I would laugh. It was easily helped with kegel exercises, but I'm assuming that you might have tried that already. Ben-Wa balls are supposedly good for that, too. Talk to your urologist about possibly referring you to a neurologist, because there are neurological problems that can interfere with bladder control. (Including things such as brain tumors and spinal deformities!)

    Discuss every symptom with your urologist and make sure that if it's nothing with just your bladder or muscles, you get a CT scan or an MRI to make sure that there isn't any sort of tumor in your brain or spinal cord. All of your symptoms could be linked to one thing.

    I'm definitely here to support you, sweetheart! And I'm sure everyone else wishes for the best, too!

    EDIT: I also noticed that you have endometriosis, too. It's reassuring to see somebody else on here with reproductive issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreeneQueen View Post
    Has anyone here had any success with any treatments for urinary incontinence?
    Hey GreeneQueen!

    Wish I could give you a great story of success with treatments, but I am in a similar situation. I've been to the uro a few too many times and have had all sorts of tests on me (also a mix of stress and urge), but no luck on seeing change. Of course i rejected taking medicine and I am opposed to being cut open, so I am one difficult patient.

    As others have said, there are multiple procedures in terms of surgery, etc. But even those are hit or miss, just as medicine.

    I know this isn't giving you what you asked for in your post, but hopefully the fact that there's a bunch of us out there who not only have these problems or have no luck with doctors could be of some comfort. As in, we all seem to get the same doctors more convinced on trying to get us out of diapers then get us healthy.

    So i wish you good luck with the uro and as long as its ruled out that its not something life threatening, it's just the annoyance of being diapered all of the time.

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