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Thread: Diaper buying success

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    Default Diaper buying success

    Ok, as a pot of you know it is REALLY hard for a teen to get diapers when they can't drive, me myself being a victim of this. Well today my mom took me out to dinner and a plan to get some diapers popped into my head. Well I succeeded in this plan and am right now sitting in front of books a million with a bad of depends and a bad of goodnites in bags behind me. I will explain the experience in detail when I get home.

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    Damn, man. You must be a ninja or something. How did you get them without your mom knowing? Congrats, btw. I remember my first pair, awesome experience!

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    Ok, story time. I was sitting in the restaurant with my sis and my mom, and I felt really bad about not having any diapers, then I remembered I had $40 in my wallet, and I felt down, and I had my wallet. At this point I was getting kinda excited, but as sick as I was, my mom probably just thought it was nasua. Anyway, I told my mom about this new book that had come out, and that I wanted it for the trip we were going on this weekend, so my mom tells me she will drop me off at books-a-million, get my dad something to eat from mcdonalds, go to kinkos, drop the stuff of at home (along with my sis) and come back and get me. So I agree and get dropped off at b.a.m. To make it look real I walk down a few isles and then exit the store. By this time my mom was long gone, so I walked from b.a.m., behind a bank, and into walgreens. There I walked the isles to make sure no one from my school was there, and then there was that dreadful few minutes where you want to chicken out. After a few minutes of arguing with my self over weather to buy them. I did. So then I went to the pharmacy section and bought the diapers, (depends and goodnites) but before I could just buy them and leave, of coarse there just as I got there every one walked away from the counter so I stood there for about a minute with a package of goodnites and depends in full view. Finally someone came, I paid for them, and left the store. I walked back to b.a.m and waited with the bags behind my chair. (that's when I made the thread) When my mom came I quickly threw the bags in the back of the truck and spent the entire ride trying to distract my mom with conversations about random things. When we got home my mom was talking on the phone, and my sis came outside to greet us. At this point I was like "Oh s**t" Then we all went inside and like a sign from the gods my dad said "someone needs to walk the puppy" I volunteered and walked him, but as I was walking him, I silently got the bags from the back of the truck and put them on out back porch (i live in the basement, and have a door that exits out onto the back porch) and brought the puppy back inside. I went down to my room and got the bags. And then I made this post. :P
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    congrats, the first and only time that i got diapers i got some that were way to big for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDdl View Post
    congrats, the first and only time that i got diapers i got some that were way to big for me
    I feel you pain dude. I have bought the wrong diapers more then once. This is actually like the 4th time I've gotten diapers.

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    Congrats again! I was right, you ARE a ninja. TELL ME WHERE YOUR MASTER IS SO I CAN TRAIN WITH HIM TOO!

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    Wow, just wow.....we definitely got another Ninja on the board.
    Congrats on the execution of a perfect plan, so many ways that could have gone horribly wrong. Must have been one big adrenalin rush.

    I have gone to some pretty extreme lengths to get diapers in the past and have done the hide them in back yard till nobody's looking thing, but never bought them in my parent's company.

    For me it would have been first 5 seconds, mom "whats in the bag" "nuthin" = busted!

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    that's why you have to say your going to buy something before hand, like something your parents would not be interested in, like a zombie book. Then just toss it in the car, out of sight, and distract everyone from the subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koda View Post

    For me it would have been first 5 seconds, mom "whats in the bag" "nuthin" = busted!
    This, a million times over.

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