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Thread: Which is the best?

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    Default Which is the best?

    Ok so I'm considering buying some adult diapers at CVS. So I need help on which kind is the best, I know there not great, but better then nothing. I'm leaning towards the Attend breathable briefs, but, tell me what you think is the best.

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    I was unaware the CVS even carried Attends products in their stores. Considering if they have them, I would say go for the Attends, but if they don't try the Depend Maximum Protection. Yes it's Depends, but it's not as bad as some of their other products.

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    I really like the Attends Breathables, personally.

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    I've never seen Attends at a CVS, but if they are indeed there by all means get them. Otherwise I wouldnsuggest the CVS store brand.

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