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    First off I was wondering if anyone was a fan of the series. I just got done watching it on YouTube and I came acrossed this and was wondering if this was just fan fiction or if there really will be a season 5.

    YouTube - Code Lyoko Season 5 Trailer

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    The series makes me want to punch a small child in the face. I hate it to death the dialogue and plot just annoy the crap out of me. And the theme song is annoyingas well.

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    nah.. its alright interesting to me is that its set OUTSIDE japan havent seen much of it but the fighting is always good

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    I had a brief look around CODE LYOKO but didn't really look at much. I couldn't stand the awkward interface. I could code much better.

    Maybe you can stomach it and look around? I'd imagine the forums may have some details on it.

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    I used to like the show, but not so much anymore. :/

    If I remember right, it's a French series. They just gave the outside animation that wasn't 3d to a Japanese company or something like that. I'm not really sure though. >.>

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    love that show, but haven't watched enough of it. reminds me of reboot (reboot kept making me concerned that somehow when i deleted files that i was hurting them... i was 10 at the time...) anyways... looks like a fanfic, especially with the song o forutuna from carmen.

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    I used to watch it. I quit after CN quit showing it after school. i might go through and watch them all.

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    Do you seriously think an official trailer would use O Fortuna as the music background?

    Look on Wikipedia, season 4 is the last one.

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    I don't like the way the characters are designed. Their foreheads seem too big to me. The story seems sorta interesting though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki
    The series ran for four seasons, the final of which has yet to finish airing in the US (though the fourth season has been played in its entirety on Cartoon Network's video on demand service), and three animated films are planned for release. Though the creators have expressed interest in making a fifth season, one hasn't been ordered.
    Could happen.

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