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    Probably a stupid question, but it may very much benefit me if I have an answer.
    So, I've been trying to track down my biological mother for almost 8 years now and I finally got a phone number a few months ago. Well, I kept trying the number xxx-xxx-xxxx and every time I got either an answering machine or an error message. I kept at it for months, but today, I decided to try the number without the area code, just xxx-xxxx. An unfriendly sounding woman picked up, and I got intimidated and hung up. The voice did not sound much like the answering machine I heard before, so now I'm wondering a few things... could I have reached the correct number without the area code if the number I'm trying to call is literally across the country? My mom lives in California.

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    No. Probably not.

    But it might depend on whether or not you've been using a cell phone, and what the area code for that cell phone is. I'm pretty sure that cell phones don't change their area code. If it so happens that you and your biological mother have cell phones that share the same area code, it might be theoretically possible. But the odds of that are slim to none.

    Think of it this way. Each phone number comprises of 7 digits, 0 through 9, for a total of 10 million combinations. Granted, there are some pretty specific numbering conventions, which will drop those possibilities considerably, but... There are lots more than 10 million people in the US. Which pretty much necessitates the Area Code system. The odds of you getting your mother on just those seven digits... From a completely different area code... Pretty damn unlikely.

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    No, you got whoever owns the number 814-xxx-xxxx. Unless you dial 1 then an area code to get the long distance trunks, SS7 assumes that you are making a local call, in most exchanges. Although in some areas, (Akron, OH, for instance) you have to dial the entire number with area code, due to the way they implemented code splits when they split Akron (now 330) off from Cleveland (216). Columbus wasn't like that at all. When they broke Delaware County off to put them in 740, if you had a 614 number you could still dial the seven digit number to get another 614 exchange.

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    One thing that may have occurred is that the number she has now may have been assigned a new area code. Check the city she lives in to ensure the area code is the correct one.

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