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Thread: Worried about nappy leaking

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    Default Worried about nappy leaking

    I used to use Depends to find they're awful so now use Tena Plus (can't get super anywhere nearby so theyre the best I can get). Im worried about peeing in public in case of leaks

    The same with in bed

    How can I 100% stop my nappy leaking?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Napimat View Post
    How can I 100% stop my nappy leaking?
    In short, you can't. No nappy could ever be 100% leak-proof as there is always a limit to how much a nappy can absorb and once it reaches it's limit it will leak. Even if a nappy is not full to capacity there will always be a chance of the nappy leaking around the leg holes and waist as it would be near impossible to form a completely water-tight seal around your legs/waist. Cloth nappies and plastic pants are generally seen to be the most reliable type of nappy for avoiding leaks as the elastic around the legs of plastic pants form a much tighter seal than on disposable nappies/pull-ups, but I'm assuming you're not able to purchase plastic pants online?

    So, although you can't 100% guarantee a nappy won't leak there are things you can do to minimise the chance of them leaking. The first would be to buy the right kind of nappy - pull-up style nappies tend to be less absorbent than the tape up kind (although it does depend on brand), but unfortunately here in the UK unless you can order online often the only choice is pull-up style nappies. I'm assuming that when you say you use Tena plus you mean the pants rather than the slip?

    A good fitting nappy will always prevent leaks better than a badly fitting one, so make sure you are buying the right size. When you put on the nappy make sure the leg-guards (the two sort of frilly elastic strips in the nappy) are standing/pulled up as these will work to stop liquid leaking out before it is absorbed by the nappy.

    One of the main reasons nappies leak, particularly before they are actually full, is because you are peeing quicker than the nappy can absorb the liquid. This results in the nappy over-flowing and leaking. So if you can try to pee slowly, start and stop the flow if you can to give the nappy a chance to absorb the urine. If you are going to wet more than once then it helps to pee in different positions, for example first pee lying on your front and next pee lying on your back so the liquid is drawn towards the front/back on the nappy, rather than always to the same place. If you have peed standing up don't sit down right away as the pressure on the nappy can press out liquid, resulting in a leak. Give the nappy a short time to finish absorbing the urine before sitting.

    It also helps to get to know your brand of nappy. As you get used to using them you will come to recognise things like how many wettings the nappy can comfortably hold without leaking, how quickly it tends to absorb urine and how it feels when it is close to leaking point. This means you can ensure you don't wet your nappy one time too many, resulting in a leak. If you are using the pull-up Tena pants then you will probably need to change fairly frequently, every time you try to delay changing and squeeze in another wetting you risk leaks. I wouldn't risk peeing a diaper in public until I was very familiar with it and how dependable it was - some nappies are very good at not leaking until they are full, but others will leak on the first wetting out of the leg holes if you're not very careful. I don't know how the Tena plus hold up, but you will probably want to find out before using them in public.

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    All good points babyjess. As said all diapers will leak some just quicker than others. The Tena plus is good but is pushing the envelope for nighttime or extended use. I find for leaking the best defense is a good offense.

    Terry lined plastic pants are great insurance for leaking and combined with a good high absorbency/night time diaper you can almost get the 100%.

    The best, most absorbent diaper like Dry 24/7, combined with lined plastic pants will get you the 100% leak free, even at night. I have not had a leak with this combo yet. The Dry 24/7 on it's own will get to 99%.

    Although if you can't get Tena Supers these are probably out of reach too.

    If you can find plastic pants, even unlined ones will work with something between them and the diaper (like underwear), you need this so leaks have somewhere to go, otherwise they will eventually find their way out of even plastic pants.

    The Tena Plus with a stuffer or two combined with above pants should get you through a normal night with little fuss.

    Let us know what you have access to and maybe we can help some more.

    I should have read closer, I am not completely up to date on Tena in the UK but assumed you were using the Plus Slips and not the underwear. Have never had any luck with underwear at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napimat View Post
    How can I 100% stop my nappy leaking?
    I think getting the right size for your body and also correct fit are some of the most important things. For me anyway, on the rare occasion that I do leak, it's not a matter of capacity. But then some diapers are just not designed for 'good protection'. Pullups are generally not going to be as good at making a leakproof seal due to their basic design. Single tape diapers will be the same way. Diapers like Cushies try to make up for a bad seal by having rapid absorption and a lot of padding, but in the end, nothing will save you from a gap.

    I found it interesting that the last pack of diapers I got had instructions printed on them and recommended the lower tapes be placed in the same way as the upper tapes, coming straight toward each other from the sides. It's been my experience that this isn't a very safe way to do it, especially if you're wearing a diaper a little too large of a size. I always put the lower tapes on the front wing, about 1/2" from the bottom, and only after making sure the elastic in the crotch is fully seated up, and make sure to tape it down tight enough so I have to wiggle a finger to get it in under the tape. I've never leaked out the legs when fitted that way.

    I will admit it took my body a little under a week to get used to having the elastic that tight down there, it irritated my skin at the crotch. But after a few days, my skin got used to the continuous pressure and they were comfortable again. So I'd recommend gradually upping the tightness over a week to get your body used to it. Just use lots of baby powder to start with. I don't need powder anymore really.

    When I was taping the lowers straight toward each other in the front, I always got leaks at the cuffs just under the butt cheek and in the same place in the front. (whenever you see a pic of someone in jeans with a leaky diaper, that seems to be where they all leak) Then I realized I could easily just lift the diaper elastic away from my skin at those locations because the tapes were in the wrong spot to keep that part of the diaper held to my body.

    So, don't use pullups, and polish your taping skills, and you can at least approach 100% safe.

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