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Thread: confidence when buying

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    Default confidence when buying

    recently I have had several failed diaper runs because I chickened out at the last minute. I get paranoid and feel like everyone is watching me. how can I get more confidence and actually get some diapers.

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    I try not to think about it before hand. I personally listen to music on my Ipod to keep my mind off of it. You can also tell yourself that they are not for you and they are for a relative or something.

    That or whenever you get that overwhelming paranoid feeling just remind yourself that nobody is really looking, nobody gives a rats ass what anyones buying. There much to concerned with other things...

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    I understand that feeling, I think it is something we all get buying diapers. I even get it buying things like dummies, even though I must have bought them close to 100 times by now and at 23 I know that logically everybody will just think I'm buying them for a baby, and even though I happily use dummies in public and don't get embarrassed about using them around people.

    I don't think that feeling will ever go away completely. When buying diapers you need to just get in there and get out, despite the voice in your head telling you not to. If you keep waiting for the 'right time' it will never come. You just have to go in to the store, despite your embarrassment/paranoia etc and buy them. As you get used to buying them more often the feeling won't be as strong.

    In order to feel more confident about buying them it helps to be prepared. Have a good plan for how you will get the diapers, know the kind you want, know the store you will get them from, know the size you want, know what the diapers look like, know where they are in the shop, know how much they cost, know where the checkout is, know what you will do with them when you've got them, know how to get them home. Know as much as you can, because the more you know the less likely it is that anything will go wrong. It may help to choose a time to buy the diapers when the shop is quiet and without many queues. Walk into the shop, go straight to the diapers, pick them up and take them straight to the checkout with the shortest queue. Have the right amount of money ready so you can get the transaction done quickly, pay and put the diapers into a bag. And then the hard part is over and you can take them home

    Whilst it usually feels like everybody is watching you, they really aren't. Most people don't care what you're buying, they're too busy getting on with getting what they need to buy. It is unlikely that anybody other than the cashier will even notice what you're holding, and the cashier will have seen it all before - shops only stock items that sell, which means the brand of diapers you're buying will have been bought by many customers before you. The cashier really doesn't care what you're buying. Feeling less exposed may help you to feel confident. , as it is now winter it is a good excuse to be wearing a hat and/or a scarf, which you could use to cover your face a little (obviously don't cover it to the point you look suspicious, but a bobble hat pulled low over the eyes or a scarf pulled high on a cold day shouldn't raise any eyebrows) and make you feel less exposed.

    Good luck getting diapers - people genuinely don't care what you're buying, and even if they see you've got diapers they probably won't think they're for you anyway. And it will be worth the 5 minutes of paranoia for the diapers you'll then have

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    Tell me this: when's the last time you paid attention to what other people were buying? Probably not often. It works the same in reverse. Personally, the only time I tend to notice someone else's shopping is when they've bought a billion of one thing like the cart is filled with laundry detergent (I mean, wtf do they need that much for?).

    I don't know what it's like in the UK, but in the US we generally have three types of places you can buy diapers: supermarkets, drugstores, and houseware retailers (Target, Walmart, etc). If you don't want to be noticed, go to the first or the last. Drugstores have the best selections, but they're small and no one buys more than one or two things. Go with some other shopping to do anyway. If you live independently, this is easy. Just drop the diapers in the cart with everything else. Then just check out with the diapers. Done. It'll all be over 10 minutes later and in the past. Even at the supermarket I use all the time, there are less than half a dozen employees I recognize there one trip to the next. If you're really nervous, go a little further from home to a location you don't usually shop at. And unless you have really weird shopping habits (you dress weird, bad nervous tics, buy diapers 50 packs at a time), they won't remember you the next time you come in anyway.

    If you don't live alone, buy one or two other things of the brand your family uses anyway (dish soap, dishwasher detergent, toothpaste, etc) and do the same as before. Then when you get home, just stock the other things around the house where your family usually keeps such things. People in your house will just think there was more than they were aware of.

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    Babyjess offered some excelent advise. My advise is that you just do it, once you start your quest, do not back out. You are far more likely to draw attention to yourself by not going through with the purchase. Hanging around the diaper asile, and looking nervous or frightened will get the attention of the store employees and the other shoppers, and then leaving the store, without having purchased anything, will leave a lasting memory with the employees. They will think that you were up to no good.

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    thanks for the advice night fox and fifigal I'm already feeling more confident I will get them from a super Market

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    Ask for a receipt and get the name wrong, making it sound you dont know nothing about them
    you could also use the self service checkout at tesco :P im from the uk too

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesy View Post
    Ask for a receipt and get the name wrong, making it sound you dont know nothing about them
    you could also use the self service checkout at tesco :P im from the uk too
    yet I was planning to use self check out at tesco

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    cool, yeah best way get some drinites :P

    you could use they sell molicare air active trails which are preety good
    discret shipping too
    have you got msn at all?

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