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    I plan to wear 24/7 for about a week. Can anyone recomend any good brands for me to wear during this time?

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    I think thre are about 5 threads on here already with this information. If you can only get store brands then that is what you ar stuck with. If you can get Attends( enter your zip code there. It will tell you. Buy them if you can.

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    Just go with what you can get, if your small and can fit into pull-ups, like good nights, they are fun to wear, they don't hold much, but don't do too bad with a stuffer.

    I myself go for plastic covers, so I use assurance, I used to use CVS but they changed to colth like, but the assurance are cheap and it don't feel bad to be tossing away $.50 for a diaper.

    The better stuff is close to $2.00 a little too much for fun, for me.

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    Umm, definitely NOT Depends. I know that it's kind of implied and I'm sure you know that. Ummm...good ones...hmmm...The Assurance that Ballucanb are OK, not the best tapes, but they'll do. attends really are the best way to go-or TENA. Those are nice and thick^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    I plan to wear 24/7 for about a week.
    Hey, me too! Next week! Jesus Christ, it's gonna totally rock.

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    Well.. if your going to do it- then you might as well go all the way!

    I recommend Secure, Abena or Bambino. If your on a budget, then go with the Secures.. In fact, just go with the Secures, the new ones are as good as Bambinos anyway..

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    well I say that there are ones not to use. I had hoped to already be 24/7 though the ones that we are curently using are by no means good for that use. Though I love my Walgreens for the day they are not ideal for night (as we all know). The same is the case with attends. I would point you to the Bambinos, 24/7, and there are also a few others. Keep in mind that while these are twice as much, though they go twice or three times as far. This is also good to keep in mind when you are dealing with chaning through the day, at the end of the day do you want to have delt with one diaper or three depending on your schdule.

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    That tape problem with the assurance can be repaired I use a small peice of duct tape just enough to go from the back panel over the tape to catch the front panel, covering the tape, this stops all the tape movement.

    I put one on this morning about 9 and wore it untill the tape moved about 12 and then added the duct tape, with the soaker panel I use it's now 4pm still have it on totaly soaked but not leaking yet....

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    i know assurences are GREAT. I am currently experimenting with attends, so far they suck!

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    No assurance are not that great, there OK, and the only things that makes them good are the plastic cover, and the price.

    They definitly need help, when you put one on you need to add a stuffer or 2.

    I never had the chance to try attends, so I can't speak on them.

    But if what you have is working go with it, it's nice that you have attends in your area, I have never seen them here, or I would have tried them.

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