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Thread: hello everyone ^.^

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    Default hello everyone ^.^

    hello all, my name is Stephy and... I've actually been here for a while XD
    sadly, I haven't really had the chance to post much lately though. life has been hectic. anyway, to summarize who I am, I'm a nineteen year old, six year old LG trans-girl :P
    though obviously, there is more depth to my being other than that. if anyone at all would like to be friends, I'm always open to new friendships.

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    Hi Stephy,

    Welcome to ADISC

    I think you will find that we are a very friendly bunch here and so I'm sure you will make plenty of new friendships. One of the best ways to meet new friends who share similar interests to you is right here in your introductions thread. As you say there is more to you than being an LG, and we love to get to know our members pretty well here, so I'd be really interested to find out a little more about you. Do you have any interesting hobbies, or maybe a passion or collection? What srt of stuff do you get up to in your regular day-to-day life?

    There are so many of us here I'm sure you will find someone with similar interests to you. You might also like to check out the groups, they're a great place to make new friends

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy finding your way around the forum and get a chance to post, and I look forward to hearing more from you

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    sadly, I haven't been very forum active lately... though I've been a member of quite a few in the past. life has changed significantly since then though.
    as for hobbies and interests, I'm very much into Japanese lolita fashion, gaming, fencing, anime and anything else that interests me and passes the time.
    my biggest collection is by far CDs... one of my largest passions is music and I listen to a little bit of everything.
    anyway, thank you very much for welcoming me to the site I just hope to become part of a relatively active site again.
    if I may ask, what are some of your interests? hobbies? et ceteri

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    Oh, well there are many members here who love gaming and anime so you shall fit right in!

    I can't say I am particularly into either myself, in theory I love computer games (nice ones though, not the really gory/violent ones. I am a fan of the cute and fluffy!) but I am possibly the world's worst gamer. I am okay at 2D platform-games like Super Mario (my favourite consoles are the really old ones, the SNES or Amiga when everything was 2D!) but as soon as games become 3D I am awful. I couldn't even get past level 1 on the Disney Incredibles PS2 game and it was listed as age 3+! And whilst I love every Studio Ghibli film I have ever seen I don't really know much anime outside of that (assuming they are anime and not manga - I don't really understand the difference!)

    But music I do love! In theory I listen to a bit of everything too, but then I still find myself turning to the same few artists every time I put music on. I used to be an avid collector of CDs and would buy several a week, but now I have turned to the dark side and most of my music is now in mp3 format. I only buy a CD now if I really really really love the artist and want a hard copy - I kind of wish i would buy more CDs as I like having them all arranged alphabetically on a shelf and it's not the same on a computer, but I am sucked into the convenience of just downloading an album and being able to listen to it instantly, rather than having to actually go out and buy it or wait for it to get delivered if you order online.

    But anyway, some things I enjoy doing are cooking and baking, at the moment as winter is setting in I have become really keen on making up big batches of soup. I also love making things like cakes and biscuits and of course decorating. I like knitting too, I wouldn't have to clue how to follow a pattern and make anything useful but I like making little toys based on patterns I make up in my head. They look very home-made as a result, but I like to think they hold a certain charm. I also like writing fiction, which is an interest that comes and goes but when I'm into it I get really into it. And like any writer should I love to read as well.

    I also love being outdoors, although now it is winter and cold and rainy so much here I am putting most of my outdoor interests on hold! But I love going to the beach to play in the sea and build sandcastles, and taking long walks through the woods and i really enjoy camping and festivals. I never go to any of the big music festivals we have here in the UK though, they always have loads of bands I want to see but I know that when i go to festivals I completely fail at following any sort of schedule or plan so I know I'd end up missing the people I wanted to see and get really annoyed at myself! So I tend to go to smaller ones where I don't care so much about seeing the bands.

    Anyway, I feel like I am taking over your introduction thread now with too much about myself so I will stop writing there! I am afraid I completely fail at being able to say anything succinctly and have a habit of just writing on and on if I get half a chance. But anyway, this is certainly an active site (if I go away for a day I usually come back with close to 500 unread posts to try and catch up on!) so hopefully you should enjoy becoming a part of it

    - Jess xxx

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    Hello, welcome to the site, i am sure you will fit in here
    I myself am in to anime as well
    I hope to see you around here and chat sometime

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    I'm quite fond of the (S)/NES games as well. as it is, certain games, such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World will never become old. I wish I could knit or so myself... but sadly, my hand-eye coordination is rubbish. even so, it's a talent I hope to gain at some point in my life. we'll see how that goes though XD if I may ask, who are some of your favorite musical artists/bands? and please don't worry about adding too much to my thread I enjoy hearing what others have to say and I've always adored learning everything I can. for the record, I actually forgot to mention a few of my favorite things... Psychology and philosophy are huge interests of mine. the human brain and how it impacts people's behavior is absolutely fascinating and abstract societal philosophy is also wonderfully intriguing. moral issues are by far my favorites. I'm also really into androids (their development in the real world) as well as anything to do with Sanrio (the company that made Hello Kitty, though my favorite character is My Melody. oddly enough, Sanrio also has the world's number one android development company, Kokoro which develops Actroid)

    if I may ask, what are some of your favorite anime? personally, I'm a huge fan of Gakuen Alice, Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note (I know it's mainstream but the intricacy is absolutely brilliant) and Dragon Ball Z (which holds a lot of nostalgic value for me) of course, there are tens of others... but those are probably my three favorites.

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    Yeah, you asking is no problem
    My personal favorite at the moment has to be vampire knight, i have seen a few death note and liked it so im looking into watching more, i like fruits basket as well :P

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    HI, Stephy. Welcome to ADISC. Once you have given the other members a chance to get to know you, I am sure that you will be able to make many new friends here. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here and I look forward to reading your posts in the forums.

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    fruit's basket.... that's one that I have on Netflix actually. pretty much everyone I've spoken to has highly recommended it. I tend to procrastinate though so I just never got around to it. actually, I'm in the middle of watching another such anime (Full Metal Alchemist) that I had seen a few episodes of but I failed to see the depth due to poor luck... now of course, it's becoming one of my favorite anime.

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    lol, thats cool, my friend has brought me the fruits basket manga for christmas it was recomended to me aswell.

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