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Thread: Blanket, blankets and....more blankets

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    Red face Blanket, blankets and....more blankets

    Hi all,

    A bit about myself.
    I'm not so often an AB, more of a DL. But, I'm very fond of blankets. Dralon baby blankets are the thing to me. I have over 50 little blankets.

    Anyone else?


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    Hi Blanket

    Welcome to ADISC.

    I have never heard of Dralon blankets before - is dralon a type of material or the brand that make them? I am an AB but I have never really thought about getting myself a baby blanket - my cat has a baby blanket which she curls up on as it is soft. When I was little I used to sleep with a blanket, but then I gave it up and replaced it with stuffed animals.

    Anyway, outside of being a DL and liking blankets what interests you? Do you have any hobbies or passions for anything? Do you collect anything aside from blankets? Would be great to find out a little more about you

    Look forward to your response

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