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Thread: Has this ever happened to anyone?

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    Default Has this ever happened to anyone?

    So, I had a really busy weekend filled with partying, probably only getting about 8 hours of sleep within 3 days. Last night, I was so exhausted that I had an intense need to rest (very comparable to a sudden urge to use the restroom), so without thinking, as I was barely able to, I crawled into my bed and dropped off without even setting my alarm clock...or even changing into my diaper. All this crossed my mind, but I simply told myself that it was only going to be a short nap so I should be fine...I woke up at 8AM, only to find myself in a pool of accident. To make it worse, my roommate was up and getting ready for the day, so I had to lay there in my mess until she left to avoid her noticing. Then crawl out with my soaked regions and hurt pride, really hating myself for letting it happen.
    ...and you'd think having nightly incontinence going 3 months now, I'd know better...anyone else have anything similar?

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    it's sounds like strauss. I wet the bed time to time win I am Strauss out

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    Strauss? I've never heard of that...

    Three months ago, I got very sick which, due to the high fevers, cost my ability to control myself while I sleep. I'm expected to recover, but no one knows when. I guess only my body knows...

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    sorry bad spelling. I min stress out lol. I may go see a doter DR, just to be on the safe side

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    Lol, you probably case is pretty consistent, unfortunately...good luck to you though.

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    well it must be stress it happens the bast thing you can do is git padded up and try to relaxes

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    I've done the same thing. I was so tired that I just passed out as soon as I sat on my bed. I new in the back of my head I needed to put on my diaper but was just to tired. Woke up the next morning soaked. Luckaly I woke up before anyone else in my house and was able to get cleaned up and the sheet in the washer before anyone knew. Lesson learned never go to bed with out a diaper on no mater how tired I am. LOL

    That sucks that you had to lay there in it until your roommate left.

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    I understand completely, I sometimes think "sod it" and go to bed nekkid. I am a bed wetter and I "should" know better, I rarely wake up dry and if I go to bed without wearing a diaper I risk a soaked bed.
    You have my sympathy, I know how it feels.

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