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    Some are in content And need to wear diapers.I say I need them too.
    Just as much as they do .It.s how i cope I go to my little place. Mine may be mental but my need I can not help. Just like you!

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    Sooo I might have missed it but was there a question in this post?

    Yes *B/DL can be a very effective coping mechanism so in that sense some people may need to wear them even if they are physically continent.

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    There seems to be others that do not under stand why we would want diapers or look down on us that do . Sad wish we could just not be so hate full at others . How many feel this way . Could we be mental incontinent could that change things .

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    I think you're preaching to the wrong crowd sweetheart. People being here generally means that they already have some sort of interest in diapers, so telling them that won't really change their veiwpoints.

    I don't think it is a need though. I don't think you can compare enjoying wearing them to being incontinant. I'm too tired to get into the nitty gritty of it all, but I disagree.

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    i'm with Talula here, i disagree aswell. If you are needing them to help cope with something that badly, then maybe you should be looking for a way to get rid of what you're dealing with(for good, not just temporary).

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    on a level, I highly agree with this post. many of the people here are underestimating psychological damage. many people have various different coping mechanisms to deal with serious trauma, or even just everyday stress. over time, people find their coping mechanism as a necessity to go on. in that regard, it becomes a psychological need and an emotional addiction... and despite what you may have been told, some addictions can be good (as long as it stays an addiction and you don't move onto abuse.)

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    The whole messed up is too bad-ass and tuff. Diapers on some level are a way of coping with it. We should be taken more seriously.

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    foxkits makes sort of a provocative statement, but i agree with him. i'm not incontinent, and if i really needed to i could go for months or even (possibly) years without wearing diapers. but sooner or later i would need to wear them again. i'm lucky enough to have a lot more flexibility about it than i would if i was incontinent, but in a sense i'm dependent on diapers.

    i find it's a useful thing to remind myself of before buying diapers in a store for example. it's an embarrassing task, but diapers are a permanent part of my life, and there's no reason to pretend otherwise. not that there's anything wrong with choosing to wear diapers, but somehow it feels even less wrong when i remind myself that it's not really something i can control.

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