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Thread: Couldn't think of an original title, so: Hi!

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    Default Couldn't think of an original title, so: Hi!

    Hi. I'm an not a really extroverted person but I occasionally can be from time to time. I'm not a diaper-wearer, but my significant other is. I'd like to learn more about the community and I hope you won't mind me hanging out here. You guys seem really fun and it's been a while since I found a forum of genuinely nice and responsive folks.

    About me: I'm a grad student. I love reading, especially about the Appalachian trail, medicine, and science fiction. I like to kayak and hike (inexperienced in both but want to do more.)
    I'm bi and quietly very artsy. Don't take it personally if I don't say much, but feel free to ask me anything.

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    Welcome to ADISC, I happen to be a Teen baby or Teen Toddler, but I as well have other interests outside this community. I like sports, politics, and am a pretty chill guy to talk to. I hope you enjoy this community and it is nice to have someone here to accept us. Lets chat sometime! Enjoy the forum~!

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    Hi PaperbackHiker,

    I really like your name It reminds me of The Beatles song, Paperback Writer. Was that intentional, and if so are you a fan of theirs?

    Well, welcome to the forum It's always nice when a new member joins to support a friend or loved one who wears diapers. We are always more than willing to help others learn about our little community, and you are most certainly more than welcome to come and hang out here. The more the merrier

    I had never heard of the Appalachian Trail before you mentioned it, i just looked it up and from the pictures I looked at it looks beautiful. Do you live anywhere near it? It looks like it would be a fantastic place to hike

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here. If there's anything you want to know about us here then just ask, and I look forward to seeing you around the forums

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    Hi tbmoney. ::waves:: I like your avatar. I can't wait to watch all 3 Toy Story movies in a row.

    Hi babyjess. Yeah, the "paperback writer" connection was intentional. I enjoy the Beatles (though I more frequently listen to rock and 90's alternative music), but I wanted a good descriptive user name for me with a song reference. Now of course Paperback Writer has been stuck in my head all day.

    I've only been on the AT very briefly, but I live on the East Coast. I'd love to hike the whole thing at some point (at about 2,000 miles, it takes 6 months to hike), though it seems unlikely I'll have time to do it all at once... I may have to settle for several weeks or a month each for section hikes. This won't be any time soon though. I'm still working on getting through grad school and getting started in a career.

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