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Thread: This JUNK makes me SICK!

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    Default This JUNK makes me SICK!

    Pardon me for my vulgarity, but it's ass holes like this that are going to ensure that infantilists are never accepted.

    Teens Wearing Diapers « Little Miss Knowitall knows it all!

    Read the article. In fact, I'll copy and paste it below.

    "Dear Little Miss,

    My 12 year old son has suddenly decided that he is going to wear diapers again. He is just like a big baby and wearing it 24/7 when he does not have to. My son is not handicapped in anyway, he is a normal boy who has never had any problems using the bathroom. What should I do about this?

    Dear Frustrated Mommy,

    Aaagh! You’ve got to be kidding me. Potty training is already the hardest, and yukkiest part of parenting, and now kids are making us do it all over again??? I’m sorry, that just doesn’t sit right with me. Your son is taking part in a new fad, called “Infantilism,” that is spreading quickly among teens and young adults. Supposedly it is a movement to return to the simpler, more innocent time of their lives. Most often it is seen in males, but females are participating too. It can entail anything from just wearing a diaper to using a bottle and and acting completely like a helpless baby. There is also another side to this trend which is called being a “Diaper Lover”. Diaper Lovers like to wear diapers because of the sensation it gives their genitals and for sexual arousal. While the two trends are completely different they can go hand in hand. So, what are all of us tired parents supposed to do with these overgrown babies? Make them choose. If returning to babyhood sounds so ideal to them then why should we stop them? The trick is to help them remember why they wanted to stop being a baby in the first place. Sit your child down and put it to them this way: “I understand you want to be a baby again, that you like diapers and you want to be helpless and innocently carefree again. I can understand that. Parents often wish that they didn’t have so much stuff to worry about too. So, if you want to be a baby again I will let you. But you can’t have the best of both worlds. If you want to act like a baby you will have to live by baby rules. These are the baby rules: Babies do not talk on the phone, use the computer, play video games, or watch anything on T.V. except baby shows. Babies eat baby food (spinach, apricots, green peas, etc) and they drink formula; and if we go to a restaurant I will bring your baby food with us for you to eat. Babies have to take naps and they don’t ride bikes or skate boards. Babies have to crawl. Babies have to stay in the kiddie pool with a life jacket on, they don’t go to the mall, and they are never given money. Babies don’t talk, or if they do nobody listens to them, and they get talked to in annoying baby talk. SO, if you want to act like a baby that is fine, but I will make you live by these baby rules until you choose to be a big boy again.”

    I think after one dinner of pureed potatoes and peas with a nice bottle of nasty formula your son will start to realize that babies may not have it all that good.

    I hope this passes quickly for you!

    Miss Knowitall"

    Please comment.

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    I read that a while ago... eh... at least it didn't tell the parents to send their kid to a shrink.

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    I suppose so, but the way the woman talks about it being a "fad", like it's something we cannot help. Also, what she is suggesting to the mother is almost like something out of Deeker!

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    Well, it's better than "ZOMG! Your son is a schizo freak! Put him in a strait jacket and cart him off to the nut house immediately!"

    However, I still consider that advice to be comical at best.

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    I suppose you are right that it could be worse, however I still think that it is crap advice.
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    Obviously Miss Knowitall doesn't quite know it all afterall...

    It was quite annoying to read, although I don't can't expect non-infantilists to understand us without doing proper research first.

    So of her other answers seem a bit off and uninformed too...

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    ^That's pretty much what I was thinking, Charlie F. Thank you for posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Miss STFU
    "Your son is taking part in a new fad, called “Infantilism,” that is spreading quickly among teens and young adults."
    All the cool kids are doing it.

    (Stopped reading the article there.)

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    I don't blame you, Naruto, the pompous woman doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.

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    Well if parents do do that to their kids, their kids may stop liking it...For the moment...But the way the person asked the original questions just seemed like a kid wrote it...It's possible the whole article is fake...But if parents do that to their kids, it won't stop their kids from liking it...It may turn them off of it, but later on in life the kids can do it on their own...I didn't like how she said it was a fad though...

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