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    What would it be like to be incontinent for the rest of your life? What are the changes in your lifestyle? I have begun the process of "de-potty" training myself.

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    There are already a few threads on this. This one is recent and covers quite a few of our views on becoming incontinent:
    This one is a poll on whether the members here would like to be incontinent, and also covers a lot of our views:

    Also, please bear in mind that this sub-forum is for people who are genuinely incontinent to find support and advice. Posting on here about taking steps to make yourself incontinent is rather insensitive to the fact that many of the people who will be using this board have not chosen to be incontinent, and may not be happy about the fact that they are. You may want to keep posts about training yourself to be diaper-dependent to one of the other forums on ADISC.

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    It's generally a bad idea, people will start to find out, some activities become restricted, and worst of all; that's a few thousand dollars a year to pay for all the diapers. It also loses it's fun after a week or two...

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    Closing this thread since, as noted by babyjess (thanks for the links), we already have the topic covered. Any discussion of this can be carried on in one of those.

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