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    Ok so today was halloween. And also trick or treat night where I live. I was takeing my daughter out trick or treating and infront of us was a group of teens all dressed up mostly as samurai and ninjas but there was one that was in a fur suit not like the ones you can buy in a store either I mean straight up personalized fur suit it was the face paws and paw boots and I mean the nice ones that cost a lot. I'm not 100% positive that he was a furry but I just can't imagin anyone paying that much for a halloween costume and finding the right place to get it. Specialy being that the kid was no more then 20 years old. He was a badger with custome markings on his head and tail.

    I know its not a 100% but I had to post on it. I wanted to ask him so bad but that's not my place and I didn't want to take away any of the fun from my daughter. Well its a bit late now but happy halloween guys and gals

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    I pretty much had the same situation at school, Friday. There's this anime group (I hate to categorize, but they really are anime/manga fans) that always hangs around in a classroom, but on halloween, a girl came dressed up as an anthro dog! She looked cute, I admit, but I'm not really sure she is into that, and I'm afraid to ask.

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    A group of us went out in the mall fur suiting it was a blast.
    We were out there for 21/2 hours . Fox

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    I once saw a car driving by with the license plate LITLFUR (little fur) :3 It has rainbow pawprints on the border. I found out who it was, later. This was at my local grocery store!

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    Cool sighting FrozenFox.

    My guess is that it really is a furry, but that he figured no one else would know enough to make the connection between a genuine fur suit and just a really good, well labored upon costume. People 'in the know,' such as yourself, are able to make the connection, but the general population likely thought nothing of it, and congratulated him on the cool costume.

    On another note, I know this is about a furry sighting in particular, but there is already a thread started about Halloween sightings here:
    To avoid having this thread be redundant, perhaps you could change the focus to just sightings in general, and not Halloween sightings made only this year. There isn't any sort of 'real life sightings' sticky (unless you count the popular culture thread), so that may be a good direction for this thread to take. Just an idea.

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    Ah thank you. I'm very sorry I was so excited about it I didn't even look to see what other threads were started about it. My bad

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    If you look in hot topic, they are now selling things that a few yrs back would have been something you'd think were made for furries. Oh god, furry is becoming fashionable.

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