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    Default Heyaaaaa

    Im a DL from the UK 24/m

    First post here just been having a look around, hoping to meet some cool new DL friends

    hera from you soon!

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    Hi James, welcome to ADISC

    It's great to see someone else from the UK joining us here - considering the UK is such a small island and that the internet is worldwide there are loads of us here!

    Anyway, it's always great to get new people who are looking to make friends and your introduction introduction thread is certainly a good place to start forming friendships So, apart from diapers what kind of stuff do you like? Do you have any hobbies, interests or passions? A particular type of sport/music/film or anything you really like? Whilst it's great to meet other people who like diapers it's even better to meet other people who like diapers and some of our other interests as well, so the more you tell us about yourself the more we can get to know you

    Look forward to hearing a little more about you

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    Welcome jamesy, it's great to see another person from the UK on here and like babyjess said there are quite a few of us here. Tell us more about yourself. I'm the resident lego here and I plan on taking over the world but until then I hope you have a good time here on ADISC.

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