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    Default What to do......

    Right now im alone with my older sister and im wondering if i should wear or not. Anybody got ideas

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    Well are you wearing baggy enough clothes to hide it? Do you and your sister talk a lot? Is wearing worth the chance of getting caught? What kind of Diapers?

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    I can puts some on since i am cold plus she hardly ever comes out of her room...just wanted someone elses opinion

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    I'd say do it up. Small risk, good reward. That's My opinion.

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    I'd say go ahead, as long as you can sty secluded from her until you're finished wearing.

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    Crud...she just came out n is bout to do something with her hair...ill have to wait till she is done

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    Knock her out, then wear for as long as you want. Chloroform is best.

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    yea, when she goes back into hiding in her room, then get one on. I waited until my sis went to sleep before I put one on

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