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Thread: Favorite Vidja Game Music?

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    I can't link anything, so here is a short list of games with rockin' soundtracks.

    Recca '92 (Famicom)
    Castlevania III (Famicom)
    Any of the Soldier games (PC Engine)
    Internal Section (PS1)
    Einhander (PS1)
    Parasite Eve (PS1)
    Ghost in the Shell (PS1)
    Final Fantasy IV (Super Famicom)
    Super Castlevania (might have a number, I forget, Super Famicom)
    Rez (Dreamcast)
    The Legend of Zelda (Famicom Disc)
    Various Megaman games
    Killer Instinct 2 (Ultra 64 - Arcade)

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    Dune the battle for arrakis- sega genesis
    Zelda- N64
    Pokemon red

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