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Thread: Padded trick-or-treating anyone?

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    Default Padded trick-or-treating anyone?

    I'm a little too old to GO trick-or-treating, but I'll be manning the door tomorrow night, I think I'll wear my spotted leopard jammies with padding.

    So I expect all you trick-or-treaters to be well-padded under your costume! This is the perfect opportunity to wear in public, especially if this will be your first time, there'll be plenty more strangeness for others to look at, and everyone will be wearing baggy and bulgy pants.

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    True, I'd wear, but I have 3 problems.
    1. No diapers
    2. No costume
    3. No one goes trick-or-treating in my neighborhood cause we don't have street lights :P

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    Lots of towns nowadays are having trick-or-treating in central locations. Shopping malls for instance. We actually did trick or treating downtown all up and down main street, all the businesses were open Friday 4:30-5:30 pm handing out candy. Last year we went through maybe 100 kids. This year however we blew through 400 candy and had to take the bowl inside as they were not done arriving. Wonderful turnout! We'll have to buy a lot more candy next year.

    One local group does "trunk-or-treat", they get a ton of people out to a big parking lot of a closed store, and everyone parks in spaced out rows and is all costumed up and opens their trunk and hands out from big boxes of candy. It gets heavy advertisement on the radio, and lots of kids show up every year.

    It's great for kids that live in bad neighborhoods or that live outside town or in apartment complexes.

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    Yeah, but I would want a way to get home fast in case I needed a change. Then again, there are the other 2 problems.

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    Tell your parents you are going as a baby. Go down to the local pharmacy and grab some diapers to make your costume "authentic", then do what Bambinod suggested.

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    It's a little to late now. Both my parents are gone for the weekend. *sigh* it will just have to wait till next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin View Post
    It's a little to late now. Both my parents are gone for the weekend. *sigh* it will just have to wait till next year.
    Thats okay. your not alone. i lost track of time and didnt get myself a costume either

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    I didn't lose track of time. My mom wouldn't let me get one. She says since I've been sick, if I got a costume it would like I'm sick enough to not go to school, but not sick enough to not do fun stuff. *sigh* i hate my mom's logic.

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    Your mother has a point though...If you are too sick to go to school you're too sick to walk around all night in the middle of Autumn(Don't know what's the weather is where you live. Here it starts snowing late today). Unless you were faking, in which case you've learned not to fake being sick.

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    i would be, but my friends want me to dress as a female prostitute, so, yea lol, short skirt, and really dont want to be spotted with padding lol.

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