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Thread: Um...Hiya! ^^

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    Smile Um...Hiya! ^^

    Hello there! ^^ Uh...I just joined today, even though I've seen the site before after a good friend told me about it. I was interested basically because I'm a diaper lover...Have been basically since I was potty trained..XD I'm also a bit of a baby fur.

    Some other things I'm interested in are drawing and art, wolves, the internet, talking to my online friends, MapleStory, watching TV, some sports and exercise things, animals, and...Umm...Lots of other stuff..^^;;

    I also like making friends! ^^ Sooo...Hello to everyone in here!!

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    Welcome to the site n__n...You seem to have a nice upbeat spirit, I like that =D

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    Welcome! : D

    I hope you have a great time here, and meet a lot more friends. n.n

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    Ahoy thar! Welcome to the community. A good place for making new friends is the live chat room (on the top), try it in the afternoons or evenings! You might also like to give a glance to the Wiki articles -- they're a lot of fun!

    Try to post at least once every week to keep out of the lurker title...
    Anyway, have fun!

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    Welcome to adisc. Hope you have a good time. Makes sure to check out the wiki ,and blogs; both have links in the top left corner.

    You seem to be a very joyous person.

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    Looks like we gots a fresh one!

    Helloooo to you too ^^ Great to have you on the forums, Velvet204. Have a smashing time posting, socialising and whatever else you fancy doing in your time on here, but saying that you seem like the kind of person who's gonna settle in quite quickly anyways so, uh... welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velvet204 View Post
    Hello to everyone in here!!
    You got it backwards, I'm right here and your the one in the computer box. Ha like I could fit inside the Internet!

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Hey Velvet, welcome! I think everyone has it wrong though... I'm the only one not in the internet! All you are just on a tiny screen!

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    well, i can see you gong far, you seem nice, interesting and pbeaat, just remember the golden rule R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as well as courtosy and politeness, other than that fell free to run riot

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