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Thread: Indian video?

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    hahah the benny lava video. After watching this the first time, it actually got stuck in my head...

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    BEST SH*T EVER!! I laughed so hard, watch the guys samurai video too, it is soo funny.


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    Dude, there is no doubt that this dude is absolutely the most hardcore son-of-a-bitch living on the face of the earth.

    I think I'd enjoy seeing a fight to the death between him, Billy Idol, and Geordi LaForge. I have no doubt that this suave Indian guy would come out victorious.

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    I got enough of them around my area. I don't want it to be on here... Cor!

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    Oh nice !

    I love this video! Especially love the poor editing and background shadows changing.

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    ya, the vid is poorly done, but that's what makes it even funnier, lol!

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    Monumentally funny. Note the influence of Michael Jackson on Bollywood...

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