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Thread: The SemiOffical 'Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear' thread

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    Default The SemiOffical 'Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear' thread

    For the uninformed

    The Rally To restore Sanity/And or Fear!

    Background: Coming off the heels of Glen's beck Rally many fans were pressuring the creators of The Daily Show, and Colbert Report (Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert Respectively) to hold a rally of their own. After weeks, and weeks of hints the Rally was announced. At first Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert were to hold competing rallies to fit with each of their characters.

    Jon was going to hold 'The Rally to Restore Sanity' a Rally to help America tone down the rhetoric, and you know be sane. It was designed as a Rally for those on any side of the political spectrum who prefer reasonable discussion to partisan bickering, and for those too busy to be a lunatic (99% of americans)

    While Colbert was going to hold a competing Rally with the exact opposite goal. A march to Keep Fear Alive. A March on DC to scare the crap out of everyone. of Course since Colbert is a humorous parody of a right wing pundint it is obvious this is a mockery of fear tactics used on both sides.

    In the end on the 'Rally To Restore Sanity' got a permit to hold a Rally so the two got combined created the 'Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear!'

    What Will It be: no one knows. Rumors of Special guests, and musical talents have been abound but the actual content has been hush hush. Jon said it was to be a 'Rally version of his show' which is good for fans of his shows. The main Theme is 'Tone it Down America' so it's expected that many of the speakers will plead with America to keep it reasonable.

    When is it: TODAY! IN AN HOUR!

    12:00 PM (noon)Eastern Standard Time to 3:00 PM

    So here's the questions: Do you agree with the Rally? To You Disagree? Are you going to be watching it? Are you going to ignore it? Do you think It will have an effect on the elections on tuesday?


    (I didn't see a Thread About this, so I took the Liberty)

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    ('ll probably watch it, can't actually go (too far away, flying/driving expensive etc. etc.) I think it supposed to be on C-Span O.O. I agree with it, though no idea what effect it will have. Plus it will be nice to have something that is lighter and more humorous for once during the elections.

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    I'm actually there. Right now. I'm waiting in line for a porta potty. Fuck, I should have worn a diaper.

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    Are you really? There. Right now. Words cannot express how jealous I am right now. Do you have a sign or anything?

    Maybe I'll see you, I plan on curling up on my chair with a sippy cup of Soda to watch. :3. I don't know if it's on C-Span but it IS on Comedy Central.

    (Side note: The Carbonation in the soda is making my sippy cup make weird sounds...)

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    It is on C-Span as well, watching it there right now (which is awesome C-Span is actually covering it, even though probably drive all the older folks who watch C-Span crazy xD)

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    I wish I had C-Span. my Computer is being weird and wont load the live stream! I'm missing it! :<

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    might be able to watch it on C-Span's website (not sure if it is US only or not) C-SPAN | Capitol Hill, The White House and National Politics

    though probably not a lot of help if computer is acting up :/

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    Ahhh, I used my Mothers lap top. My computer is crap.

    So it is over thoughts: Hilarious. So very mugh. My favourite funny moments were awarding Anderson Cooper's T-Shirt, Colbert's Entrance, the Song Duel between Yusuf, and Osbourn, and the mythbustrs(I fangasamed at that).

    The finial speech was epic, and really bought the whole thing home I think. What I would have given to go.

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    It was good! Very entertaining and I totally agree with the message. Partisan politics have really divided the country and it's about time that we put our differences aside and come together as a nation. Try telling that to the media, though. :/ Colbert's video montage towards the end really made it clear where the majority of the fear-mongering is coming from; not just Fox News, but from every news program and network.

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    I saw it parts of it(my dad wanted to watch football >.>) and from what I saw it was pretty epic!!! I wish I was there D: and I totally agree with what they were saying, I'm glad they held it

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