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Thread: Officially sold on Abena products- Depends can go well... to HELL.

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    Default Officially sold on Abena products- Depends can go well... to HELL.

    For the past year, I've been using Abenas and I must say I'm impressed with the X-Pluses, because I have used Depends here in the US, and let's just say Depends suck.

    I am sold on the X-Pluses because with them, I don't have to change my diaper as often or worry about them leaking as I used to have to with Depends. Depends also have never fit me right, not even their larges. I'm rather tall, I stand over six-feet two, and the larges seem smaller on me compared to the X-Pluses. I also think the Depends diapers are more designed for women than men anyway in height or whatever... I dunnknow.

    Abena is getting my business through XP Medical from now on. Screw Depends and the cheap American diapers. I'd rather pay more, and get a better product.

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    i agree. depends aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be, but there are definatly better diapers out there.

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    I prefer Abena X-Plus, and have found XP Medical to be the best supplier. They provide great customer service, XP does.

    I wear a size larger than I actually need because they are more comfortable. Best diaper I've found for comfort and function.

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    I only recently starting wearing diapers and I'm using Depends. The first time I wet they ended up leaking pretty quickly, I was disappointed. I learned it helps if you don't go all at once to give it some time to absorb, but I'll definitely be trying Abena out next when I finish off this pack of Depends.

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    I like the look of the Depends Fitted Maximum Protection. Since I don't use mine, I think they'll work for me. I'm glad you found a brand you like!

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    I really like Abena products, at least the ones I've tried, and won't deny they are superior to many other brands. I do however feel people are giving Depend products a bad rap. I use the Depend Underwear for Men as my primary day diaper, and feel they perform very well for me. I have yet to have a leak. I flood them quite often, and sometimes after 8 hours of storing up. I really like them because their thin, quiet, and discreet. I can't comment on Depend tab diapers because I've never tried them. I prefer Tranquility ATNs as my night time tab diaper, although I have used the Depend Underwear several times at night with no problems.

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    You haven't tried a good diaper until you have tried Secure X-plus or Bambino! (Although I honestly haven't tried Abena myself, but from what I've read, they pale in comparison to Secure or Bambino...) I am able to FLOOD a Bambino about 5 times before I have to even think about changing it. I have used Depend Maximum Protection in the past, and I barely got 2 good wettings out of them before they were leaking like crazy... I think I will order some Abena's when my stash starts getting low, just to see how they compare.

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    Compared to Depends Abena X-plus is really good. From an other point of view they are crap. Imho of course.

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    I just got a MoneyCard to hide my cash transactions, and bought a case of X-plus's. They'll be my first "real" diaper. Primarily worn Depends, got a sample pack of Provider's Choice/Active Ultra Plus, but the velcro tabs were so horribly implemented...despite the soft plastic and heavy padding, I was pretty turned off by them. Depends at least stay on me all night, even if they leak like a sieve (which is why I don't use them...).

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    I have yet to try Bambinos, as those tend to cost money and I prefer to not spend a lot of money. Bambinos are pricey for me. I decided to go with Abenas after having problems with the Depends for years. I never did care for Depends because of some experiences with them leaking on me and as a big wetter, not good.

    Well, for now I am using Abenas as they work better for me.


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