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Thread: Izumi in the south US.

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    Default Izumi in the south US.

    Hello all,

    I'm sorta kind new around here and signed up..Honestly I'm not sure why. The community looks nice to be in and I guess that pulled me into it. On my AB side I'm a sissy, babyfur, ab, dl person for those who would like to know. While on my other side I enjoy playing video games on many systems, dabble in computer programming a little bit, and am looking into model trains Z-scale. I may not be an uber active person most the time but I'll drop a line in things that tug me. I hope this is a nice little intro and hpe to enjoy the place.

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    Hi! I just joined too like...not that long ago. So from one newbie to another I welcome you to ADISC. :3

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    Thanks, though sense I'm stuck as a lurker I Can't see any of the posts right now which is a bummer.


    Oh wow that was a very quick change! Thanks Moo.

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    Welcome to adisc, Izumikit! I'm a babyfur, too :3 I've never been to the southern US but I hear it's very welcoming.

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    It's all dependent on where you go. ^^: I shoulda said Southwest now that I think of it not the south hehe.. But both areas are fairly nice.

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    The South IS very welcoming...especially for a northerner like me!

    PS: Welcome Izumikit!

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    The name Izumi raised an eyebrow for me, thought you may be anothe Konata fan. As the chatacter present in my Avatar is Izumi Konata. But I think you have more interest in model trains than anime :P

    Although you did kill about 5 minutes of my time while I googled about rail gauges :P

    Anyway, z-scale seems a little small, my Dad has allot of 32mm Gauge track If I can remember correctly.

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    Actually I am into Animie! I'm not that hard core but I do dig about time to time for something to watch. I've been enjoying the Funimation version of One piece as of late..Great dub unlike the 4Kids one, bleck!

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    Hey, Persistent here, i came after you did, welcome from a person new i guess. Anyways i see your interested in video games etc. That was cool. Talk to me when you get on please.

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