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Thread: My Sig_Give Critique/Advice

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    Default My Sig_Give Critique/Advice

    I thought I'd try my hand at making a sig. It's pretty basic but let me know what you guys things. Sig is below.

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    My only problem with it is the head on the left. It just looks photoshopped on and out of place.

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    Good-looking sig! But let me suggest that you change your avatar- it's repeated on the sig, and that makes it look a little, well, you know, repetitive >.<

    Oh, and centering the image would look nicer =)

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    If I had to be critical I don't really like how part of the "A" in koopa in overlapping the koopa head on the right. I guess that same could be said with the "S" in shade but that one is not as bad.

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    hehe, okay, thanks; just wanted some info. I just worked with what I had and well, that's my result.

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