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Thread: 4 Furs Now Homeless (including 2 ADISC members)

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    Default 4 Furs Now Homeless (including 2 ADISC members)

    If we are not allowed to post things like this, I am sorry, but this also deals with at least 2 ADISC members who are now homeless.

    4 Pittsburgh furs are now homeless. Thrashbear, fire_lupine, firefoxbc, and landis_mclovin are the 4 furs affected. The house next to the one they were renting caught on fire earlier this morning, and it apparently spread to their home very quickly. The blaze destroyed pretty much everything they owned except for some clothes and some a handful of other possessions. They have received a little bit of aid from the Red Cross, but it will not nearly be enough to replace all their clothing. lildobe has set up a "Fire Loss Fund" with his Paypal, and he is also accepting physical donations for them at his Pittsburgh residence.

    I have not been in the furry fandom for a year now, but when I hear about something like this that happened so close to me, I can't help but feel saddened by this. I know that when many furs hear of a death in the fandom, they seem to band together in grievance even if they did not know them at all.

    I don't personally know any of the affected individuals, but I did donate to the fund, and I can probably take over some physical donations to them over the weekend.

    Anything you can donate to them will help!

    The original link I had posted was lildobe's Livejournal on the subject with the donation link.
    lildobe: 4 local furs - now homeless

    Swift_fox who is also a volunteer fireman has more detailed information on the fire iteself.
    Swift Tails - Fire Incident #287 (10/28/10 ~04:30) page with photos of the damage and fire. Not much left at all.
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    OMG. I know Swift_Fox fairly well. I will check my L.J. I will see what monies I can get together next week and help out.
    I kinda know firefoxbc too.
    EDIT, I have sent some cash.
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    Ouch, that sucks. Fire spreads fast - I know from a fire I observed in my parents' neighbors' back yard...only took 10 mins and almost caught the roof on fire of a three story building, even though it was a garden shed taht was burning.
    HOwever, I'm not surprised that the furs' house caught on fire, since (from the linked photos) it seems to be made of nothing but wooden beams and dry wall. That stuff burns instantly. Brick houses don't really burn at all, unless the fire catches the wooden roof or the windows melt.

    I hope the other person whose house went on fire has good insurance!


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    Thats terrible, really wish i had the money to help

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    I wish i could help. I know all of the furs that were effected by the fire & also the ones listed helping them out.

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    I wish paypal would stop failing, so I could link it to my bank and donate.

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    I might know them, I'm not sure, I haven't been on #pafurs in a while.

    I will try to scrounge up a donation

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    oh thats terrible. i wish i had a steady income or i would donate some moneys.
    i know how hard this sort of thing can be, and i am sure they will get through this.

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    I presume they had no insurance? Maybe next time. It really doesn't cost very much.

    Either way, I can't afford to help. Hope they get some semblance of order again.

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