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    Does anyone else remember having a tent bed as a kid? It was a fitted sheet with two tent poles and a zipper entry. I loved staying in my tent. It was like my fortress.
    I would fight with my mom to keep her from taking it down. I would only be allowed to use it for a few days before it would get washed and put away for another time.
    Now that I have embraced the AB in me, I think I would want to get another one.Does anyone have one or know who makes a tent bed that fits a queen size bed?

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    You could probably make your own crude one with a sewing machine and some basic mesurements

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    you thinking of a pup-tent idea?

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    The one I had as a kid was similar to this but much more basic. Dream Catcher Bed Tent - Double It was blue cotton and two poles. I could make one but I would rather have e high quality one made by a professional, not a slacker like me...

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    Ew, that sounds dangerous for a child. What happens if the poles fall down in the night?

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    The poles are in sleeves on the outside of the body of the tent. I guess it might not be safe, but I grew up in the 80's when they still allowed kids to do dangerous things... hahah.

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    I never had a tent bed as I'm sure they didn't make such a thing when I was a kid, but I used to make one when I was a kid. I was petrified of ghosts so I would always be completely under the covers with my two teddy bears. Recently I have started doing the same thing because my wife has to do home dialysis and the light and noise keeps me awake. I have four plushies in the bed so they help hold it up. I tell my wife I'm going camping and we will be cooking smores on the fire. I then pull the sheet over me and "the friends" and we go to sleep.

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    A tent bed. hah that's cool. I want one now. When I was a child my parents couldn't afford anything like that, if we wanted a tent we'd use blankets draped over chairs in the living room.

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    I had one too.... I think it was He-Man... basically it had 3 poles 2 U shaped ones and a straight one. had it up for months on end too.

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