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Thread: How to draw tutorials, any good ones?

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    Default How to draw tutorials, any good ones?

    I will start off with this: I can't draw...but I want to be able to

    So, drawing humans, anyone can do, but drawing furries? Not many can do it well. So here is my question; can anyone give me a link to a simple furry drawing tutorial? I have seen many, but I can't follow them because there isn't enough instruction. I like step-by-step tutorials, not "draw the muzzle, then put the fur on, then color it in Photoshop."

    Can anyone give me a good one, pretty please? *begs*

    Thanks lots,


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    Anyone can draw humans? Not I.. I'm incapable of drawing a good stick figure! Mine always have tails, or are lopsided or have some other kind of hideous malformation..

    But that's okay- my creativity lies elsewhere.. but if you happen to find a good tutorial, I would like to see it. The ability to draw has always been something that I have envied in people.

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    I'm a good drawer and I can do anime style human and furry somewhat good. It depends on how long you been drawing, the longer you been doing it, the better you are. Anyway, if you do find a tutorial, that be nice to see because I dont know any right now.

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    I can't draw for shit, but I'd imagine the key to becoming a good artist isn't so much the quality of the tutorials you follow, but the amount of practice you put in. Just keep at it and you're sure to be a great artist in no time!

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    For drawing, you should take some classes...They will start you with simple things like line thickness, types of pencils, etc...They may seem boring, but they really do help...I was in a class for only a semester and it really did help my drawing...Especially learning the right proportions for the human body

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