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Thread: Incontinent Student Bodies: Review

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    Post Incontinent Student Bodies: Review

    Incontinent Student Bodies: Review

    Okay, we ALL know about ISB. If you don’t, here’s a quick history lesson for you. A long time ago, an artist by the name of Marci Mc Adams was in contact with someone named Karis. Karis was a writer, and Marci drew pretty pictures! (Very pretty pictures)

    They decided to make a comic book, taking various people’s fursonas’ and putting them into the comic. Okay, you got that much; right? Well, here’s the catch. The artist’s drawings were AMAZING! But the writer’s skills were below par, and thus, the comic fell short in the story department. Got all that, right? Right. Well, people either loved, or HATED ISB. It actually spawned the popular ‘meme’ “BAWWWWW!” Yeah… you now know where that came from!

    The two (Marci and Karis) did 3 stories together, until the fourth comic, where someone by the name of Dormy took over as the main artist.

    Okay, flash forward. So I got a copy of all 4 comics, and read them last night. Each, and every single page. Yes, I know I’m insane. But, are all the bad comments, or even good comments true? Let’s take a look!

    Incontinent Student Bodies: Comic #1
    Okay, so number one. This one starts off well enough. A fox by the name of Aaron is moving into a dorm room at Ashton hall. Simple enough, right? He goes in and meets a wolf by the name of JD, who then notices his padding. Basically, the entire first comic shows you how each and every student in Ashton hall’s dorm area got into diapers. A majority of them simply have issues holding it, while others just like diapers and baby things.
    Each character has a page or two of development, and it’s played out mostly innocently. Another thing you will notice, is that EVERY character in this story is gay. This isn’t a bad thing, but it can get very… yiffy at times. (For the record, I’m not into yiff.) Jonathan is the most sexual character in the story, but doesn’t wear diapers. The artwork is solid, and the grammar is good, but some of the dialog is pretty cheesy. Overall, I can’t really say it’s a BAD comic. It’s too short to really judge, and it’s nothing more than a short compilation of one or more page stories that describe some people’s fursonas. Nothing more. I give it a 6/10.

    Incontinent Student Bodies #2

    Okay, basically the same idea as the first one; but now it’s longer. Again, the artwork is amazing (As you would come to expect from marci) but the story seems to suffer. The problem is, the story this time around is a tad more ridiculous, and I feel as though Karis was pulling all of this out of his ass at the very last second. Overall, it’s not TERRIBLE, but it could have been better.

    More intriguing though is that Jonathan and his partner (Josh) make a very yiffy return, to yet again make Aaron feel like one of the guys. They do this by making him mess himself, and then bring him to the rest of the guys in the dorm. Again, some people are really into that; so I can’t say it’s a bad thing due to it not being my own preference. I feel like some things were rushed, but they weren’t at all terrible. The only character I seemed to like was Dougie, and that’s only because he looked so dang cute and is my age, so I can somewhat relate to the character. I’ll give it a 5.5 out of 10, due to the story being lesser in quality compared to the first.

    Incontinent Student Bodies #3

    Okay, this is where things kind of shift gears. ISB number 3 (Subtitles Hell Week) actually has a set plot! As a writer, this is a MUCH easier story to review! Okay, right off the bat things are interesting. Jon and Josh are headed off to some kind of psychological conference to go talk in front of others, and won’t be back for a while. So a dog by the name of Andrew is left in charge of things. One evening, a bunch of frat boys storm the dorms, and take a Fox by the name of Mike, outside and tease him. Yes, they literally break into the dorm rooms, and kidnap a freshman. This angers a tiger by the name of Melvin, and a few of the other residents of Ashton hall. Luckily, before TOO much of a fight breaks out, a security guard breaks it all up.

    After this, the frat boys (Of O Delta Kappa) decide to go around pantsing as many of the diaper furs and baby furs they can get their hands on. That is until a few of them decide to tie up Czarwolf to the flag pole. (After removing his pants, of course.) Even MORE drastically, some of them ‘tag’ or ‘spray paint’ stuff onto the dorm rooms of all the diaper wearing students.

    I’ll stop here and talk about the beginning of the story. As usual, Marci’s art was fantastic. The story’s dialog is still a little shaky, but FAR superior to the other stories. I wish I could say that for the rest of the story.

    Once AGAIN (They really need to learn to get more locks!) some of the Kappa kids decide to bust into the dorms, and this time actually FIGHT the diapered kids! This is where the story gets kind of preachy and ridiculous for me. Mike (The same fox from earlier) gets knocked out a window and breaks his arm. It looks to me like he’s two stories up, but I could be wrong. I think he’d be a little more damaged than just a broken arm. The frat kids bail, and the diaper kids decide to retaliate. (After taking Mike to the hospital)

    A whale named orca decides to help by making a special mixture, meant to make all the Delta Kappa kids wet and mess themselves after ingesting. This ends with most all of them actually wetting and messing, whilst one of the main protagonists (Link the Gorilla) gets taken home by his parents. As an extra special treat, they actually tie one of the Kappa kids to a flag pole, and dress him up like a sissy. After this, Mike comes back with a message of love and peace, declaring that the kids need to stop this whole war before someone else gets hurt. The guys agree, and to take all of the Kappa kids’ ability to embarrass them, they march in a parade wearing ridiculously titled T-shirts and diapers.

    Now, it’s not like it’s a great story or anything, but I felt it was more scripted and less rushed than the previous one. That said, the first half trumps the second half by FAR, but still isn’t quite at the above par level you’d expect from something with Marci’s name attached to it. Karis DID step it up! He just didn’t make it amazing is all. If I REALLY had to give it a rating, I’ll give it the 6.5/10. It’s below par, but not absolutely terrible.

    Incontinent Student Bodies #4
    This is where the art changes. The styling is VERY similar to Marci’s, but it’s still its own thing. It’s not a bad art style, and all the characters are still recognizable. To be honest, I think it might actually be BETTER than Marci’s! Everything is shaded to perfection, and the facial expressions are top notch. It has this kind of cinematic style to it that makes you wish it was a TV show. The story this time is that Link is back causing trouble, but by the request of his father has to stay in diapers and baby stuff. This is where I kind of lost hope for the comics’ story.

    Apparently, Link's parents thought that since Link acts like a baby, he might as well be treated like one. So, freaking cliché! I can’t stand it! Plus, it’s really creepy. I think it’s agreeable that if your parents know about you having *B/DL tendencies and they let you get your stuff, that’s fine. But forced regression or parents taking part in *B/DL activities just kills everything, and is honestly creepy. So Link claims that he’s nothing like ANY of the residents of Ashton hall, because he’s being punished for his messing and ‘taking it like a man!’

    Now one might ask how the gorilla got taken into Ashton hall in the first place! Well, his father bribed the head of the dorm. The whole story is actually kinda funny to be utterly honest. The writing mixed with the new art style, makes you feel like it’s a kid’s cartoon show with really bad jokes, but you still can’t help but laugh.
    Once again, the beginning seems to top the latter half of the story. You can really tell the residents are scared and angry about Link coming to stay, even though he is on a two week trial period/probation. Our favorite wolf, Josh, then comes up with a brilliant idea of what to write for his paper. How the relationships of the students in Ashton hall is affected by their diapers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Once again, the ‘mini story’ idea comes back, and we get a whole bunch of little short bits about different characters back story. The sister of Dirk (Someone from the second ISB, a Scottish unicorn.) finds out she can’t have babies, but then realizes that there is a whole dorm of baby furs and diaper furs to take care of. For ONCE in the story, we also find a straight character. Orca, from ISB 3, apparently has a kitty girlfriend. His story, like all the others, isn’t quite BORING, but still not entertaining.

    Link , after being an asshole and having the kids retaliate against him, decides to take a picture of CzarWolf while he is asleep, with his plushie and what not (cubbed out), and turn it into a poster; which he copies and pastes all over school.

    A few other boring scenes ensue, and everyone starts feeling better. Eventually, Jon (The wolf from all the previous ISBs) gets a surprise visit from his drunken father. This happens in the middle of an oatmeal party. (I am not fucking kidding!) We find out that his father had a wetting problem, and that Jon would often sneak into the house trying to hide his own wet pants; which his father would yell at him for wetting. This is where things get creepy, and the guys decide to DIAPER Jon’s father, due to him getting knocked out by Jon and wetting himself. I guess… they just didn’t have anything else around? I don’t know…

    Long story short, link gets caught in a bunny sleeper, the guys laugh at him, Jon and his father make up; and Link finally realizes that he’s just like everyone else. Almost ironically though, Darwin (A Lion I believe), a character who left the frat boys in the previous installment, turns out to be a sissy baby fur. This shocks link, but that’s about it. In the end, to repent for his crimes; he has to dress in girls clothes and have a tea party with Dirk’s sister and Darwin.
    This one gets another 6.5 out of 10. It wasn’t TERRIBLE, and the new art style was just right; but they went back to the old style of mini stories, that made the overall story seem less entertaining.

    Incontinent Student Bodies: Conclusion

    If the overall series had to get a rating, I’d say 6/10. The story was weak, but the artwork was good. The dialog was funny when, at some points, it should have been; and it overall didn’t really satisfy me as a reader. If you are gonna pick this up… well, you should probably be prepared for great art and bad story. That said, it could have absolutely been worse! Would I recommend giving this comic a good look see? Yeah, I think that if you really are interested, find a megaupload version or buy from the source. Do I think it’s worth its price tag though? No way in hell.

    As I said… could have been worse!
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    I like your fair and unbiased, objective review, Mikeru. I liked ISB a lot personally. I enjoyed reading your review just as much

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    I agree with Gummybear, you have a style that is fair and covers all points, it is a well thought out and well written review

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    Dude Megamatt if that was a joke i wouldnt have gotten as worked up about it as you have and just fully apolojized already. So why not stop this silly argument and walk away?

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    I've removed the preceding posts that had nothing pertinent to add about this review. Please leave the matter closed or discuss it in private.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tika View Post
    Dude Megamatt if that was a joke i wouldnt have gotten as worked up about it as you have and just fully apolojized already. So why not stop this silly argument and walk away?
    I did! God! It was the first thing I did after I got the neg rep!

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    It's not bad comic. I think it's just appeals to certain readers and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadeKoopa View Post
    It's not bad comic. I think it's just appeals to certain readers and such.
    I can agree. For a certain demographic; this is a fantastic read. For others, it's not. So, it can be as simple of being in the mood or being into that side of things and what not.

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    Ok, nobody negative rep me for saying this, but I once showed one page I found on encylopedia dramatica to a friend because I found it so weird. They said "What the hell?" and now our inside joke is "oatmeal party!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamatt View Post
    Ok, nobody negative rep me for saying this, but I once showed one page I found on encylopedia dramatica to a friend because I found it so weird. They said "What the hell?" and now our inside joke is "oatmeal party!"

    Welllllllllllll that's because it's encyclopedia dramatica. -_-

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