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Thread: For The First Time in Years, Nick Made Something......good?

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    Default For The First Time in Years, Nick Made Something......good?

    OK, Nick has had a lot of great successes, like Avatar, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, etc., and a lot of failures, like The Mighty Bee, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and the new seasons of Spongebob. But, I watched a new show today, and to my surprise, it was actually good.

    TUFF Puppy, watch it. The show is funny, but not too childish. It's a good balance.

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    I don't think I can believe it. But for me, they haven't done anything good since Hey Arnold so I'm sort of baised on that end. :P

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    Really? Is it really that good?

    Hayy, still, I miss the good 'ol nick took toons such as Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ahhh Real Monsters, Angry Beaver, Kablam, golden age spongebob, etc. Hay...

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    I just watched a clip of it and I like the art style. But it feels like a cartoon marketed for young kids to make them feel older or more mature.

    I miss cartoons like Animaniacs and stuff. T.U.F.F Puppy isn't going to fill that video based on the clip I just saw. ( something about a rat taking control of all the other rats and I guess TUFF puppy chasing a chew toy while kicking some rat butt. So I might watch it and I think it has a good shot at being likable. Which is hard for me to say about most other cartoons these days.

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    Interesting, never heard of the show since I watch CN now. Maybe I should tune into Nick a bit more and see if they have any more good shows.

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    I agree with all of you. I love the old shows, and I really miss them. But come on, you gotta admit that the show is better than the other new shit on Nickelodeon.

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    I haven't had cable sense 2004ish. From what I understand most of the shows sense then have been pretty bad. Both CN and Nick have gone down hill and mimicked a lot of the bad adult shows. Though glad to hear something might be coming on that worth looking into. Though is it down in a lazy style that makes it look like a 5 year old drew the show?

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    They have actually done something good, for the first time?

    Invader Zim! New episodes, and the like.

    ...But yeah, Nick is horrifying.. I saw a little of TUFF puppy, however (Due to my 6 year old niece.)
    'Tis was alright.

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    I saw an episode at the dentist's office- the most 'good' thing about it was that Grey DeLisle voiced Kitty Catswell, the second to main character. Love Grey DeLisle
    I dunno. I didn't like the whole "stupid dog chews butt and is dumb" thing they had going on there. Seems like too much of a cliche on every other show, but throw in some extra "funny dumbness" and crude humor and voila! a show is born.
    But yeah, as small a complement as it may be, Tuff Puppy is much better than everything on there now. I like PBS kids more than the junk on Nick these days.

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    Nick went to hell when they decided to invest all creative effort into all that cartoon based programming. They turned that around for a little with "The Suit Life" which they ruined with "The Suit Life on Deck"

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