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    My brother started college not too long ago, and because of that the topic 'college' has been spoken of a lot in the house lately whether it be about how he is doing in school, upcoming projects, etc etc. So a thought just popped into my head. If you were going to start college and would have a dorm with a roommate, how can you try to get one that wets the bed or is incontinent?

    Cuz, honestly, if I don't go to the bathroom and don't drink anything about 30 minutes before I go to bed, I'll wet the bed. Also once in a blue moon I'll have a random accident during the night.

    So in case of those things happening and me being the laughing stock of who knows who, I would like to be able to try and get a roommate that also wets the bed or is incontinent, just so I won't get laughed at or have to struggle to hide my diapers (Cuz you know I'll be wearing them ).

    Also, preferrably they be the opposite gender >.> I feel awkward even sharing a room with my older brother..

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    if you are willing to talk to the housing coordinator when the time comes, they will bend over backwards to make sure you either get matched, or they may want to put you in a single room.

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    Kylesa: If you're in a dorm, the housing department should have at least some information about the people staying in the dorms. You could let them know that you have incontinence and would feel much more comfortable if you could be set up with a roommate who has it too.

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    Most likely you would need a doctors note stating the medical issue. Then yes the housing department will bend over backwards to accommodate you. As for a roommate of the opposite sex, good luck with that. I know at my school the only way to have an opposite sex roommate is if you are married.

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    talk to the housing department they will do whatever they can to help you. if you have a medical note for it even better but its not usually necessary. i put in a similar request before i moved to the dorms and they were very accommodating, they offered me a roommate that had similar issues or a single, i of course chose the single

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    I don't think your going to get a roomate of the opposite sex, it's just not going to happen. As for requesting a roomate with similar issues, your houseing department may be willing to help you.

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